Eat Goat Meat or Mutton Not Low Blood Pressure Medication

goat meat blood pressure

Still circulating in the public assumption that to overcome hypotension or drop in blood pressure is one of them by eating food from goat meat or mutton. Satay, tongseng, goulash, until tengkleng often used as an option to raise the blood pressure for patients with hypotension. However, is it safe to eat mutton for this purpose?

Turns between eating goat meat with blood pressure does not have a direct relationship. Quoted from the Independent, it is a myth after a study trying to look into conjunction in 2014 via observations in animal experiments. In the study conclude that the mutton no effect on blood pressure.

It’s just that there could be the effect of the increase in blood pressure from another lane. Goat meat contains high enough cholesterol and saturated fat. The content is what makes possible the blood pressure rises. See this effect as if goat meat is a drug for patients with low blood pressure.

But this way is not recommended. Tension or blood pressure may rise after eating mutton. However, the buildup of cholesterol and fat in the body also increases the risk of the presence of other more serious diseases. For example are the stroke and heart attack.

Meanwhile, the trigger low blood pressure is quite diverse and can be solved by removing the cause. Examples triggered by lack of sleep, less exercise, blood loss, until dehydration. Well, to understand the cause of this, the patient can take appropriate action to obtain a solution.


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