6 Things About Underwear That Can Trigger Disease

underwear can trigger disease

Although often underestimated, underwear can also trigger diseases. This happens when you make a mistake in using it, or incorrectly selecting the material.

The function of underwear is not just to protect the sensitive area from friction during the activity, but also keep the cleanliness and keep the sensitive areas from bacteria and dirt.

Here are some things about underwear that can trigger disease, quoted from Huffingtonpost page, Monday (25/9) =

  1. Too tight.
    Choosing tight underwear can cause your health to be disturbed. In addition to causing skin irritation due to friction between the skin with the underwear, also causing itching, as well as the blood flow does not flow smoothly.
  2. At night wear loose underwear.
    For the night, use loose underwear to facilitate air and blood circulation in sensitive areas. This is important because all day the area is tightly closed. Actually, experts advise not to wear underwear while sleeping, but if you are reluctant then you can wear loose underwear.
  3. Choose a material that absorbs sweat.
    Choose underwear that the material can absorb sweat, so as not to make the sensitive area moist because of sweat. If not then the growth of bacteria and fungus will increase, and trigger skin disease.
  4. Change regularly.
    Changing underwear should be done on a regular basis. At least morning and evening you should change the underwear to keep the intimate organs clean. When wet with sweat, underwear is recommended to be replaced.
  5. Wash until clean.
    Washing underwear until clean also should not be missed. Avoid mixing with other people’s clothes to avoid disease transmission.
  6. Do not share with others.
    Should not share with others, or borrow other people’s underwear because it will trigger disease transmission.

By doing some of the above, then the hygiene and health of your intimate organs will always awake. May be useful.


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