8 Delicious Foods That Can Potentially Cause Heart Disease

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delicious foods cause heart disease

The fact that heart disease is listed as the highest cause of death in the world today makes many people begin to change their lifestyle and diet. Both of these are known to be the main cause of the emergence of the disease.

There are several types of foods that are most likely to trigger heart disease, because of high cholesterol content. Generally, people who go on a diet and a healthy lifestyle will avoid these types of foods for the sake of heart health.

Reported by Boldsky page, here are 8 types of delicious foods that can potentially cause heart disease =

  1. Fried chicken.
    The fried chicken has a high cholesterol content, as well as the fat content. This is an evil component that causes blockage of blood vessels and triggers heart disease.
  2. Sausage.
    In addition to sodium content in sausages, each one sausage contains 22 grams of fat which certainly is not good for heart health. There is also cholesterol and 810 grams of sodium that known to be unfriendly to heart health.
  3. Cheesecake.
    This cake has a lot of fans because it tastes delicious. But there are high-calorie content, also fat and other ingredients that can trigger cardiovascular disease.
  4. Steak.
    This baked piece of meat is also tasty but has saturated fat content and high cholesterol.
  5. Burger.
    This type of junk food contains many calories, cholesterol, saturated fat, and salt that can increase the risk of heart attack.
  6. Pizza.
    Just like the other foods above, pizza is also rich in fat, calories and low in fiber. This is what triggers heart disease.
  7. Ice cream.
    The dominant ingredients of ice cream are sugar, fat, and milk. Ideally, all these ingredients are not widely consumed for heart health.
  8. Pasta.
    This Italian food is also rich in saturated fats, sodium, calories and various other things that are also less healthy for the heart.

Of course in a small portion you still may eat the foods above, but if you want your heart condition to stay healthy, avoid as much as possible.


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