6 Good Effects of Drinking Lemon Tea Regularly

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good effects drinking lemon tea regularly

Lemon tea or tea with lemon slices is very fresh to be enjoyed during hot weather. With a little extra ice, this drink will be more refreshing. Moreover, it turns out there are many benefits that can be obtained by drinking lemon tea regularly.

Some substances contained in the lemon can help the process of cleansing toxins in the body or called the process of detoxification. In addition, there are several benefits of lemon tea for your body and your health. Here are 6 good effects of drinking lemon tea every day =

  1. Detox.
    In the human body, there are deposits of toxins derived from various chemicals contained in food or air pollution. These toxins need to be removed so as not to cause disease. Drinking lemon tea helps the process of detoxification, with various nutrients in it.
  2. Cold and flu medicine.
    Vitamin C in lemon helps boost the body’s immune system, so the flu disease caused by the virus can be overcome.
  3. Relaxation of the mind.
    Drinking tea plus lemon can cause a relaxing effect for the mind that is under stress. Tea is rich in antioxidants and can play a role to improve mood. Vitamin C also proved good for mental health.
  4. Prevent heart attacks.
    The presence of flavonoid compounds in tea serves to reduce inflammation, also prevent the occurrence of blood clots in the arteries. If you drink it regularly, this is good for heart health and prevent heart attacks.
  5. Natural antiseptic.
    There are substances that act as anti-bacteria and anti-virus in lemon tea. This substance is good to help fight the attacks of viruses and bacteria that can cause infection in the body.
  6. Nourish the digestive system.
    For your digestive system, lemon tea is also very good to help overcome constipation, and stomachaches caused by bad bacteria. It also helps cleanse your digestive system that is dirty. Also cleanse the kidneys from the presence of kidney stones that threaten health.

So, there are many benefits of lemon tea. Let’s consume regularly to be healthier.


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