The Reason Why Pregnant Women Need to Avoid Eating Mayonnaise

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pregnant women avoid eating mayonnaise

Mayonnaise should be temporarily avoided by pregnant women. This food is made from egg whites in a raw state. Health risks in pregnant women need to be considered if they eat it. In raw eggs, there may be Salmonella bacteria. This bacteria can harm the fetus if it infects.

When pregnant women eat mayonnaise and are exposed to Salmonella, there is the possibility of showing specific symptoms. For example dehydration and some other infections. Another thing that mayonnaise less good for pregnant women is saturated fat. The amount of saturated fat content is quite high. Calorie content is also high, allowing pregnant women experience excess weight when eating it regularly.

Another risk is that pregnant women experience listeriosis. This is a typical illness arising from eating raw eggs during pregnancy. Not to mention, many mayonnaise products contain preservatives.

In some types of mayonnaise have a high salt and sugar content. Mayonnaise should not be consumed in excess. If pregnant women want to eat mayonnaise, it’s good to consult a doctor first to get the best health advice.


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