6 Benefits of Corn Silk for Health

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benefits of corn silk

Likes to eat corn on the cob, and always throw away the corn silk? From now on do not do it anymore, because the corn silk turned out to have considerable benefits for the health of the body.

As reported by the Boldsky page, let’s see some of the benefits of corn silk =

  1. For kidney stones.
    Corn silk helps to remove the nitrate compounds that settle in the kidney organ, thus preventing the formation of kidney stones. You can consume or drink boiled water from corn silk to get these benefits.
  2. Vitamin K.
    Vitamin K content is useful to help the process of blood clotting, beneficial for those who have this problem like people with hemophilia disease.
  3. Lower blood sugar.
    Corn silk consumption also helps in the management of the imbalance of insulin production, which is associated with blood sugar levels. It also lowers high sugar levels in people with diabetes symptoms.
  4. Control cholesterol.
    Cholesterol that accumulates in the arteries, the process of expenditure can be helped by substances contained in corn silk. It also lowers bad cholesterol levels and prevents heart disease.
  5. Healthy digestion.
    Boiled water from corn silk is good for healthy digestion because it stimulates the production of digestive juices.
  6. Bladder infections.
    Patients with bladder infections can drink boiled water from corn silk to eliminate the accumulation of bacteria and microbes in the urinary tract.

So unfortunately if corn silk is thrown away without being used first. Hopefully useful.

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