Eating Orange Colored Foods Can Make You Happy

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orange colored foods make happy

A study revealed the fact that food with a bright orange or yellow color can increase the happiness of people who consume them. The reason is because humans essentially love bright colors and consider bright as happy.

Reports on the results of the study were released by The Happy Egg Company based on the results of a survey they conducted on approximately 1,000 respondents.

70 percent of respondents admitted happier because often consume omelet with bright orange color. In addition, they also love the macaroni cheese, bananas, pancakes, and boiled eggs that also have a bright orange or yellow color.

Reported by the Grazia page on Wednesday (30/11/2016), the food is already known to increase the production of serotonin or happy hormones in humans. Other examples are oranges, bananas, mangoes, and pumpkins.

Meanwhile, a psychologist argues that the yellow color as a happy symbol emerges from the average childhood memory of all people.

During childhood, toys are more dominated by bright colors such as bright yellow and red. In that time they also find a lot of happiness while playing in the sun. These subconscious memories make humans happier if eating foods with bright orange or yellow color.


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