Eating Moringa Leaves Can Strengthen the Immune System

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moringa leaves strengthen immune system

Moringa leaves that grow wild around us have tremendous benefits to nourish the body. These leaves deserve to be part of the vegetable menu to be consumed with other vegetables. Do you know? In addition to fiber, Moringa has a very high protein content. Protein content reached 30 times more than other vegetables.

“Therefore, Moringa leaves are well consumed for health. Especially to keep the immune from viruses,” said Dr. Ferihana, a family health expert, as quoted from the Republika page.

How to eat is also easy. Moringa leaves can be eaten raw, and can also be cooked into vegetable menus such as vegetable soup. It tastes good too. It’s just that when cooking this leaf should not involve oil.

“But do not add oil to the Moringa leaves soup, so the bitterness does not come out,” said Dr. Hannah.

Moringa leaves are easy to grow anywhere. If you want a simple way, can plant it in the pot because the size of this plant is quite small.

Eating Moringa leaves can also be combined with tomatoes. Tomatoes are rich in nutrients that also help the immune system. The content of vitamin C and antioxidant lycopene is high enough. It’s just Dr. Hana advise not to eat raw tomatoes but by boiling it until the skin looks a little detached.

“Most vegetables are better consumed raw. Except for tomatoes. Because of vitamin C in tomatoes actually even higher after boiled,” she said.


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