4 Fruits That Can Increase Platelet Count During Dengue Fever

fruits increase platelet count

One of the common symptoms experienced by patients with dengue fever is decreased levels of platelets in the blood. That can happen due to the presence of a virus that causes the number of platelets to decrease drastically. As a result, dengue fever patients will feel weakness, dizziness, and pain in the joints.

To raise the levels of platelets in the body of patients with dengue fever, there are some fruits that are recommended to be consumed every day. Here are some of them =

  1. Pomegranate.
    This fruit has a polyphenolic flavonoid content, which can help fight microbes. Vitamin C and its antioxidant substances boost the immune system to work against viruses. This nutrition is also useful to raise the levels of platelets in the blood.
  2. Kiwi.
    Kiwi fruit also contains vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, also folate and potassium. All the nutrients are good for the immune system, for the increase of platelet counts, and body electrolytes.
  3. Papaya.
    This fruit has powerful nutrients called folate, papain, chymopapain, and potassium. There are also vitamin C and fiber that launch the metabolic system and increase the number of blood platelets. The immune system can also be improved by the consumption of papaya. So it is advisable to eat 2-3 pieces per day to improve the condition of the body.
  4. Guava.
    The fruit called guava also have benefits that are almost similar to the fruit that has been mentioned above. There is a vitamin C that is useful to increase immunity and increase the number of platelets.

All of the above fruit can be processed into juice drinks to be more easily consumed, and absorbed by digestion. May be useful.


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