5 Foods That Can Accelerate Skin Cell Aging

foods skin cell aging

Some foods can accelerate the aging process of body cells, including your skin cells. As a result, the cells are easily damaged, causing the skin look dull, dry, wrinkled, also the body easily ache and experience pain.

It happens because the dominant content in this type of food is not a substance needed by the cell to stay healthy and youthful. Generally, the type of food that makes the cells easily damaged is the type of junk food and instant food.

Here are 5 examples of foods that accelerate the aging of body cells and skin, as reported by Boldsky page =

  1. Energized drinks and soft drinks.
    These drinks generally contain high sugar substances, or artificial sweeteners and preservatives. There is also a sodium content that triggers dehydration, a citric acid that damages teeth, which is not good for cell health.
  2. Bread and sugar.
    Bread products with high sugar content and wheat flour are delicious, and much liked. But the material is the cause of easily damaged cells, which encourage the growth of negative microbiomes or microorganisms in the body. The substance is also pro-inflammatory or triggering inflammation.
  3. Sugar.
    This sweetener one of the ugliness is inhibiting the growth of new cells in the body and skin. It damages collagen also elastin, making the skin lose elasticity.
  4. Salty food.
    The high content of sodium in food is the trigger of water retention, so the skin looks swollen and tired. It also causes dehydration, and damages the cells and make it aging.
  5. Processed food factory.
    Various types of processed foods from the factory are definitely given additional chemicals for preservatives, flavorings, dyes, and sweeteners. The absence of natural fibers, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants makes it difficult for the body’s cells to repair damaged parts. As a result, you will look older.

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