Chayote Can Prevent Skin Cancer

chayote prevent skin cancer

A study conducted by four students from the University of Gajah Mada (UGM) on the benefits of chayote, revealed that the fruit could prevent and treat skin cancer. They are from Faculty of Biology UGM named Dwi Jami Indah, Bening Larasati, Dea Febiansi, and Dhella Apriliandha.

With the guidance of Dr. Budi Setyadi Daryono MAgr Sc. Ph.D., the four students examine the various content that can be utilized in chayote.

“In the chayote, there are compounds of flavonoids and saponins. This is a secondary metabolite compound and has properties as anti-cancer,” explained Dwi Jami Indah, as reported by UGM site, Thursday (20/7).

The methods used in this study are a qualitative test, quantitative test, and antiproliferation test. Researchers used cell lines with the same proliferative properties as cancer cells as test materials.

From chayote extracts taken and formed into a paste, it can inhibit the growth of tested cancer cells.

Testers also claimed that young, medium and old chayote both provide a positive effect in preventing the growth of cancer cells.

“Our research uses young, medium and old chayote. The results show that from all three parameters of the age of the chayote used, they all contain saponins and flavonoids,” she explained.

Furthermore, the research results of UGM students will be developed into chayote ointment that can be used to prevent skin cancer.

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