Beware, Energy Drinks Trigger Diabetes and Insomnia

energy drinks trigger diabetes insomnia

Still often consume energy drinks due to seductive advertising? You should also know what the side effects of these drinks on health. Although it tastes good, sweet, and refreshing, believe that it’s just delicious in the beginning only.

Generally, drinks that are claimed to provide extra energy for the body contains caffeine, taurine, vitamins, and glucose. It is the ingredients that can give you more energy after consuming it.

Though the composition of the most negative effects on the body is caffeine and sugar. Especially in some brands of drinks, the levels are far exceeding the limit that should be consumed per drink.

For adults, the recommended per day is 400 mg of caffeine. You can estimate yourself if per bottle of energy contains 200 mg, what is the limit of consumption for you. If excessive then it can affect the work of the heart and other organs.

Here are some of the health risks that can occur when you consume excessive energy drinks =

  1. Heart disorders.
    The risk is greater in people who have previously had a history of heart problems. Consumption of these drinks can cause an increase in blood pressure, which is definitely not a good thing for patients.
  2. Insomnia.
    Caffeine is again the scapegoat of insomnia or sleeplessness problems. When the body actually needs rest, the effects of the drink can last a long time and prevent you from sleeping.
  3. Diabetes.
    The trigger is a high sugar content. Moreover, coupled with the consumption of other foods that also contain sugar, if the amount accumulated can exceed the normal limit of the recommended intake of sugar per day for you. This is one of the triggers of insulin deficiency, and become the causes of diabetes.

The caffeine you consume also has an addictive effect, which increases the dose every day. So, better if not get used to consuming energy drinks because there are many disadvantages to health, is not it?


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