Don’t Throw Away the Skin of This Fruit Because Beneficial to Health

skin of the fruit for health

Some fruits have a skin that also contains many beneficial nutrients for health. If most of the fruit skin to be consumed will be discarded, then you should not discard this type.

Why? Because the content of nutrients in the skin is high and will be a pity if not consumed. Here are some types of fruit skins that are also recommended to eat, as reported by Good House Keeping page =

  1. Apple.
    The apple skin stores about a third of the nutrients of an apple. So if thrown away you are throwing away a third of the nutrients. In the Journal of Molecular Structure, it was revealed that the apple skin has antioxidants that are useful to fight free radicals destroy the body cells.
  2. Orange.
    Oranges contain approximately 136 mg of vitamin C. It is a substance that helps the formation of collagen in the skin layer, helps the absorption of iron, also helps the work of antioxidants. If you are reluctant to eat, then brewed with warm water and let for a moment so that the vitamin dissolves, then drink.
  3. Guava.
    Various types of guava, especially guava is a high source of vitamins A and C. In addition, the fibers in the skin is good for digestion, so it is a pity if thrown away.
  4. Kiwi.
    You can clean the hairs on the surface of the skin before eating the fruit. Kiwi skin is good for heart health, digestion, also contains high antioxidant and vitamin C.
  5. Mangosteen.
    Mangosteen skin is usually processed before consumption, by boiling, or dried and then mashed. There are various beneficial nutrients that are believed to be able to overcome cancer, as well as other diseases.

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