5 Unexpected Benefits of Eating Raw Red Onions

benefits of eating raw red onions

There is a traditional medicine herb that uses raw onion as one of its components, for example, to overcome flatulence in children. In addition, consuming this kitchen spice is also recognized to alleviate some symptoms of the disease and provide health benefits.

In shallots, onions and garlic there are chemical compounds sulfur, vitamin C, vitamin B6, biotin, folic acid, chromium, calcium, iron and also healthy fiber.

Indian medicine believes there are at least 5 benefits of eating raw red onion to support health, as reported by Boldsky page =

  1. Anemia.
    There is a high content of iron on the onion, so it can overcome the lack of blood or anemia. Especially if it is consumed raw because it is still fresh and not damaged by the heating process.
  2. Detoxification.
    To cleanse the body from the buildup of toxins and other useless substances, the consumption of raw onion is very good. Onion is recommended by the treatment as well to clean your blood.
  3. Blood sugar.
    Nutrients on the red onion are useful for controlling blood sugar levels for diabetics. But keep your sugar intake in order to avoid spikes in blood sugar levels.
  4. Breastmilk production.
    Mothers who are breastfeeding should consume raw red onion. The effect is to increase milk production for your baby.
  5. Anti cancer.
    Compounds called disulfide phytochemicals, trisulfide, cepaene and quercetin are substances that are anti cancer, able to relieve inflammation and thin the blood.

If you do not taste to eat raw red onions, can be added in foods such as satay seasoning, gado-gado, raw sambal, and the like you know. It tastes delicious and healthy.


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