4 Habits That Cause Neck Pain and Shoulder Pain

habits cause neck shoulder pain

Soreness and fatigue in neck area often experienced by people who are less physical activity. Neck pain can be very disturbing daily routine. Discomfort always haunt in a variety of activities throughout the day.

Well, neck pain and shoulder pain can arise from doing certain habits. Quoted from CNN, here are some habits that can trigger it =

  1. Sitting hunched.
    Often hunched, like when someone is typing in front of the laptop, can make a pain in the neck. The muscles in the shoulder and neck area experiencing high tension. If you are faced with a routine like this, then you have to sit upright and not bent.
  2. Smoking.
    Smoking can make neck pain and back pain due to degenerative processes occurring in the body. When the blood vessels are narrowed due to the effects of nicotine, the spine may be a deficient intake of oxygen in the blood. In addition, it is definitely smoking can trigger diseases related to lungs, cardiovascular, until the aging effect appears.
  3. Excessive play gadgets.
    Usually, when someone is already busy playing gadget, the body tends to stagnate almost without movement in the area of the head to the back. This then triggers tension in the neck and shoulders and finally the pain occur.
  4. Consuming alcohol.
    Alcoholic drinks make a person sitting and walking the wrong way. This could impact on pain in the neck muscles.

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