3 Risk of Diseases Due to Like to Eat Dog Meat

dog meat diseases

Eating dog meat for some people is a common thing to do. Even, they regularly serve it to the family, because it tasted delicious, and the price is also cheap. Yet according to the study, this habit is unhealthy and risky carry several diseases.

What are the dangers of eating dog meat? One Green Planet page report it as follows =

  1. Rabies.
    Dogs are very susceptible save rabies so that people who eat dog meat are also at high risk of contracting the disease. Recorded more than 300 people who died due to contracting rabies from dog meat that they consume. Moreover, dogs that are generally processed into food is wild dogs that not given the vaccine.
  2. Resistant to antibiotics.
    Wild dogs or types of not hygienic dogs that are processed into food save a lot of bacteria, germs, and viral diseases. Often these dogs are given high doses of antibiotics as prevention of disease transmission. But the effect on humans is if taken will make the body become resistant to the effects of antibiotics and this is dangerous.
  3. Susceptible to anthrax.
    Diseases such as anthrax, brucellosis, hepatitis and leptospirosis can also be transmitted by dogs. Even diseases such as cholera can be triggered by eating dog meat that is less hygienic, as happened in Vietnam.

So you should no longer consume dog meat, especially wild dogs because it can trigger a variety of health risks above.


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