Goat Milk Nutrition Almost Resemble Breast Milk?

goat milk nutrition

Goat milk is often overshadowed by cow milk. But behind the simplicity of the goat milk, it turns out stored nutrients are more easily absorbed by the human body. Nutrient composition in goat milk even claimed almost resemble breast milk.

There are good fats, proteins, enzymes, minerals and vitamins that enrich the benefits of goat milk, especially the type etawa. Even more special again when the goats were reared with organic methods, a.k.a. not given chemical drugs to accelerate its growth.

If children experience digestive problems from drinking cow milk, or less tolerant to cow milk, then you can try the goat milk as an alternative to meet their needs for calcium, lactose, and a variety of other nutrients.

Goat milk has been believed to increase endurance or the immune system. And also useful to strengthen bones, teeth, and muscles so good for growing children who are having problems with the immune system and tooth loss.

For women, goat milk is also useful for smoothing the skin and eliminate acne. Including keeping the skin from premature aging and fitter because it helps regenerate cells that have been worn and damaged.

Do not be afraid of fat if you eat goat milk regularly because the fat in goat milk is a healthy fat.

If consumed regularly, then the goat milk can be distanced from ulcer disease, cholesterol, heart disease, kidney problems, diabetes, uric acid and Parkinson’s disease.


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