The Cause of the Body Stay Thin Despite Eating a Lot

body stay thin despite eating a lot

Weight Loss & NutritionPeople who eat a lot but their body stay thin often make envy with their condition. There is also the opposite, we eat less and do a lot of exercises, but the weight is very difficult to get off. Researcher Michael Cowley from Monash University’s Obesity and Diabetes Institute ...

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12 Things That Cause Fat Deposits in the Stomach

cause fat deposits in the stomach

Weight Loss & NutritionHaving fat in the stomach is very unhealthy. This may cause some risk of diseases such as metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. The medical term for fat deposits in the stomach is visceral fat, which means that the fat that surrounds the heart and other ...

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Meet the Nutritional Needs for Ages 30 Years and Older

nutritional needs ages 30 years older

Health Tips, Weight Loss & NutritionIncreasing age is also marked by the need of nutrients which is changing and evolving. As time goes by, some types of vitamins like B12 is required. According to Helen Rasmussen, Ph.D., a registered dietitian at the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University, Boston, these recommendations ...

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Parents Should Know the Difference in Nutritional Needs of Girls and Boys

parents nutritional needs girls boys

Weight Loss & NutritionSeeing the child is actively running during a match at the football field certainly so proud. Similarly, when accompanying children to study and do homework. Children are very lively, active, smart, and creative. Having a child who is healthy, active, and smart is the dream of every parent. Fulfillment ...

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Difficult to Gain Weight, Try to Use This Way of Eating

gain weight way of eating

Weight Loss & NutritionFor people who have a congenital thin body, adding only a few kilos of weight can be very difficult. Although already eating a lot but the results are still far from the expectations of those who want to have an ideal body. Are you also having problems difficult to ...

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Tips to Slim: Drink Half a Liter of Water Half an Hour Before Eating

tips to slim drink water

Weight Loss & NutritionWant tips for having a slim body naturally? Calm, latest news comes from researchers at the University of Birmingham who claims to have discovered the secret to losing weight. The secret is to drink half a liter of water half an hour before eating for the sake of a ...

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Eating While Walking Be Bad for People Who Are Dieting

eating while walking

Weight Loss & NutritionEating while walking trigger obesity. Why? The reason, researchers found that those who eat while walking tend to chew more frequently and consume more food, especially for those who are dieting, or in other words eat while walking is bad for the diet. Studies by the University of Surrey ...

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Tired of Being Fat? Try Alkaline Diet to Lose Weight

alkaline diet lose weight

Weight Loss & NutritionFamous celebrities like Beyonce, Victoria Beckham, and Jennifer Aniston are already feeling the benefits of alkaline diet directly. Claimed to be the solution to losing weight quickly and naturally, other benefits of alkaline diet can reduce inflammation and prevent cancer. Explanation from alkaline dieters. Alkaline dieters say that when ...

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Tips to Lose Weight Quickly with Black Cumin

lose weight black cumin

Weight Loss & NutritionHas exceeded the limit of ideal body weight not only makes people less confident but also less healthy. But losing weight for most people is not an easy matter. Although already tried the various diet, but the weight is still hard to get down. Well, these tips you can ...

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Goat Milk Nutrition Almost Resemble Breast Milk?

goat milk nutrition

Food & Drink, Weight Loss & NutritionGoat milk is often overshadowed by cow milk. But behind the simplicity of the goat milk, it turns out stored nutrients are more easily absorbed by the human body. Nutrient composition in goat milk even claimed almost resemble breast milk. There are good fats, proteins, enzymes, minerals and vitamins ...

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