Toothache Due to Sensitive, 5 Ways to Overcome It

toothache sensitive ways overcome

Teeth & MouthOften feel a toothache after consuming ice or acidic foods and the like? It’s a sign that your teeth including sensitive types. You cannot arbitrarily in the consumption of food and drink because the risk of experiencing a sense of pain in the teeth. In addition, there are several ...

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5 Unique Facts About Human Tongue That Makes Amazed

unique facts human tongue

Teeth & MouthWithout the tongue, humans will not be able to speak and also enjoy food and drinks. The tongue is the sense of taste that has remarkable functions, although not visible from the outside and somewhat amused to see it. To appreciate the existence of the tongue and add information, ...

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Toothpaste Containing Miswak Can Make Teeth Whiter

toothpaste miswak teeth whiter

Teeth & MouthFrom the various types of toothpaste that gives a claim can whiten teeth, one of which can be selected i.e. products with additional active ingredient Salvadora persica. These materials are often referred to as miswak that are taken from the wooden parts of the miswak. Miswak is able to ...

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The Requirement That Must Be Fulfilled If Wear Braces for Stylish

wear braces for stylish

Teeth & MouthNowadays braces already slightly shift function. Braces are actually a vital tool used to straighten teeth. With the teeth are arranged more neatly then able to increase the confidence of its owner. But many people who use them – especially young people – to just supporting physical appearance style. ...

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How to Differentiate Between Sensitive Teeth with Cavities

sensitive teeth cavities

Teeth & MouthBetween sensitive teeth with cavities there are differences though equally give rise to pain. Both of these dental problems often experienced by many people. But the pain of the two is different. Sensitive teeth tend pain when touched by a trigger, such as the exposed water ice. While in ...

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Toothbrushes That Used Together, Source of Disease Transmission

toothbrushes disease transmission

Teeth & MouthEach person should have their own toothbrush. Wearing toothbrush together, even with family, is a careless act. One toothbrush used together become a medium of transmission of disease. The problem is, if the germs that migrate including dangerous type, then some people in the family can be sick together. ...

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The Importance of Regular Dental Check Every 6 Months

regular dental check

Teeth & MouthThe impression of visiting the dentist may be daunting for some people. Dental drill voice sometimes makes the body goose bumps when the drill bit to penetrate the tooth enamel. But certainly, anything done by a dentist during the examination is intended for the good health of the teeth ...

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7 Types of Diseases Associated with Oral Health Problems

oral health disease problems

Conditions & Diseases, Teeth & MouthThere are some diseases whose symptoms started with problems in the mouth. When the mouth has health problems that do not heal, perhaps it is a form of symptom and not merely a trigger from the oral cavity itself. But also need to watch out, there are some diseases ...

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Brushing Teeth After Waking Up is the Wrong Habits

brushing teeth

Teeth & MouthDo you make habits such as getting out of bed and then shower and brush your teeth? It looks like your habits must be changed. Brushing teeth is not supposed to do when you wake up. This was confirmed by Prof. Melanie Sadono Jamil, who stated that brushing teeth ...

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The Importance of Brushing Teeth Before Bed

brushing teeth before sleep

Teeth & MouthMost people, generally brushing teeth twice a day, but it is usually done when bathing. Brushing your teeth at night before bed is not even done, but it is very important. Skipping time to brush your teeth before bed risky to make a lot of bacteria growing in the ...

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