Brain Function More Durable 10 Years If Diligent Exercise

brain function exercise

Sports & FitnessBenefits of regular exercise will not only make the power of the brain becomes primed only. More than that, physical activity also makes the brain longer to experience aging up to 10 years. That is, when old age then brains of people who regularly exercise are still functioning properly. ...

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6 Types of Sports That Can Eliminate Belly Fat

types of sports eliminate belly fat

Sports & FitnessPiles of fat in the abdomen can be detrimental to health, and can interfere with daily activities. Many medical experts who claimed that the condition of pile of fat becomes one of the causes of the rise of heart disease. Of course nobody wants it to happen right? Well, ...

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Excessive Exercise Can be Risky Bad for the Heart

excessive exercise heart

Sports & FitnessExercise habits is certainly good for your health. By doing exercise regularly then there are many benefits that are stored behind it. Some types of diseases can also be removed with regular exercise that is proportionate. However there is also a risk that are stored if you are doing ...

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Tips to Tighten Flabby Arms in 3 Easy Steps

tips tighten flabby arm

Sports & FitnessWith increasing body weight, it would appear fat in some parts of the body including the arms. As a result, the arms would look flabby and vibrate to the right and left, it’s enough to make a shame especially if your sleeves narrow or short. But do not be ...

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Jump Can Overcome Depression and Nourish the Body

jump benefits

Sports & FitnessIf you are reluctant to exercise some sort of jogging or running, then you can choose to jump to obtain the same benefits. Yes, jump including the type of body work that brings positive benefits to health, you know. Many fitness experts who advise clients to jump in order ...

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Exercises to Maintain Bone Health from an Early Age

exercises maintain bone health

Sports & FitnessSaving turns out not only in the form of money but can also be in the form of exercises, such as exercises to prevent osteoporosis or bone loss. “The purpose of this exercise is to strengthen the power of the muscles, which in turn will strengthen the bone,” said ...

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Exercise Because Forced Will Only Make Body Become Fat

exercise body fat

Sports & FitnessThere are many motivations why someone decides to exercise. Whether for the sake of health, in order to lose weight, to have a slim body or just went along with the trend only. But certainly, exercise because forced will only make the body become fat. Exercise because forced will ...

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High-Intensity Interval Training, Solution to Fit in Short Time

high intensity interval training

Sports & FitnessDo not let busyness become a reason for maintaining fitness. Today, so many breakthroughs in the world of sport, especially about movements and super intensive training in order to save time. The New York Times has just released a 7-minute application of high-intensity interval training which according to research ...

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Exercising Too Often Can Damage the Menstrual Cycle and Fertility

exercise menstrual cycle fertility

Sports & FitnessSport is like a magic pill because it can keep you healthy in many ways. Ranging from walking, running, biking, and other movements. In addition to making a face look fresh and to help weight reach the ideal weight, the main benefits of exercise for health are the heart ...

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Walking Everyday Can Extend Lifespan

walking extend lifespan

Sports & FitnessExercise to be healthy do not need heavy and expensive with various types which are the current trend. If you do not have much time and equipment in the home for a workout, then walk just for 1 hour every day. Recent studies have revealed that a simple exercise, ...

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