4 Natural Ways to Treat Skin Disease Psoriasis

psoriasis skin disease

Skin & BeautySkin disease psoriasis is characterized by exfoliation, skin thickening, redness, itching, and pain. These conditions interfere with sufferers comfort and reduce confidence due to the skin that is not like normal people. To cope with this skin disease is not easy, but there are some natural ways that you ...

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6 Causes of Skin Often Bruising Suddenly

skin bruising causes

Skin & BeautyEver experienced bruising that suddenly appeared in some parts of the skin? The surface of the skin changes color to bluish or purplish and experienced swelling generally arise in the case of collision or injury. But in addition to these effects, there are some other triggers so that the ...

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4 Tips to Prevent Stretchmarks Appear on the Skin While Pregnant

prevent stretchmarks while pregnant

Skin & BeautyWhite stripes with abstract forms on the surface of the skin or stretch marks that often arise during pregnancy, often making women uneasy. Scars are emerging as a result of stretched skin surface along with the increased size of the stomach during pregnancy. Elastic tissue that normally cannot hold ...

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Fresh Lettuce Leaves Can Make Skin So Bright

lettuce leaves for skin

Skin & BeautyFresh lettuce usually presented as fresh vegetables for fried chicken or fried catfish. Lettuce is also always not behind used to coat the burgers and sandwiches. Because of its beautiful curly shape, lettuce is also often used to garnish on the serving plates of food. But the benefits of ...

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Latest Solutions to Expel Body Odor, Select Electrolysis or Injection?

expel body odor

Skin & BeautyNo one in this world who want has a body odor problem. The cause of the problem of body odor can also be an inherited genetic disorder, as a result of the production of hormones that are similar then descended from parents to their children. However, keep in mind ...

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3 Ways Your Face Not Easily Greasy When Wear Powder

face greasy wear powder

Skin & BeautyMost of the women complain about the cause of oily face so fast when wear powder. Especially for those who do have oily skin types, powder or cosmetic be easily washed in a matter of hours or minutes if the room temperature is hot. The reason why the face ...

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Tips Corrective Makeup for Big Eyes

make up big eyes

Skin & BeautyThe owner of the eyes with a size too big now can perform optimally with corrective makeup tips for big eyes here. The main key of the corrective makeup for big eyes is eyeshadow applied with natural colors, such as gray, nude or mocha. Avoid applying smokey eyes makeup ...

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Skin Can Be Damaged Before the Age of 18 Years – 7 Hidden Facts

skin damaged

Skin & BeautyAs with the body, the skin also needs nutrients to keep moisture and beauty. Many women do not realize that the beautiful view not only is based on the cosmetic outward appearance but also the condition of the skin that healthy and well maintained. Moreover, the texture and appearance ...

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Tips to Face Free from Acne Although Wear Cosmetics

face free acne

Skin & BeautyBeautiful cosmetic stick in your face clearly is one of the easiest ways to improve the appearance. It is difficult to get rid of the cosmetic toolbox from a woman’s life, especially for those accustomed to applying makeup in order to support confidence daily. Agree or not, cosmetics cause ...

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How to Reduce Sweating in the Underarm Area That Causes Odor

reduce sweating underarm

Skin & BeautySweat is a liquid that is colorless and odorless. The reason why underarm emit the smell because the sweat produced by the body in contact with bacteria on the skin surface. Bacteria break down fat and protein in the sweat resulting acid compounds. The armpit becomes a place that ...

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