Reduce the Not Important Talk and Get 5 Benefits of This

reduce not important talk benefits

Mental & MindTalkative not a good trait, because the more often commented on various issues it will be increasingly open the possibility of harm to others or saying the wrong thing. No wonder if there is a saying that mentions that ‘silence is golden.’ There are positive benefits that you can ...

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4 Foods That Can Prevent Emergence of Depression and Stress

foods prevent depression stress

Food & Drink, Mental & MindDepression and stress are included in the class of mild mental illness that should be addressed immediately. Less happy and grateful can exacerbate stress, thus adding to the fall of a person. Of course, nobody wants to experience depression or stress which caused despair, is not it? For that, ...

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Do Not Be Shy to Vent, This Can Prevent Suicides

vent can prevent suicides

Mental & MindSuicides that happened recently is a growing concern, as is done for various reasons that still can find a way out. It is not true that suicide is considered to be a way out of the problem. In fact, it is the door of a bigger problem. Generally, the ...

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Remove Negative Thoughts in a Way That is Recommended by Psychologists

remove negative thoughts

Mental & MindHaving too many negative thoughts can hamper ourselves to go forward and do good things. A psychologist from the University of North Carolina named Dr. Barbara Fredrickson suggests some easy ways to get rid of the negative thoughts and train ourselves to have a lot of positive thoughts. The ...

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Nail Biting Reflects the Nature of a Perfectionist

nail biting reflects nature perfectionist

Mental & MindAdults who have a habit of nail biting is rather rarely seen because generally this is done by children. But the surprising fact found by the study says that there is 20-30 percent of people who have a habit of biting nails, out of the entire population. It certainly ...

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Surprising Things Behind the Increasing Causes of Autism in Children

increasing causes autism children

Mental & MindThere are a dramatic and shocking reason behind the increasing causes of autism in children. As reported by Momtastic, increasing numbers of diagnosis of autism in children in the United States is increasingly significant. According to a government survey reported on the Today Show, 13 November 2015 ago. The ...

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5 Tricks So That Toddlers Not Addicted to Gadgets

tricks toddlers addicted gadgets

Mental & MindThe phenomenon of child and gadgets that are difficult to be separated is indeed not a rare thing anymore. Habits to operate the gadget on children since from toddlers poses many risks to the health and social life. Children who spend too much time watching television or playing gadget, ...

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Mother’s Love Makes Children Good at Keeping Self-esteem When Adults

mother's love children

Mental & MindOften we are faced with some cases or reality, in which adults act like children in terms of thought. Not a few people who are already mature in age, but doing things that inappropriate to do by someone at a mature age. Ranging from how to make decisions, to ...

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How to Eliminate Bad Mood with Food

eliminate bad mood food

Food & Drink, Mental & MindBad mood such as sadness, depression, stress, anger, disappointment and another negative mood indeed make the days so annoying. Eliminating these feelings rather than difficult, it’s just that there must be a certain effort in turning it into a positive feeling again. One easy way to change the bad ...

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Fermented Foods Can Help Relieve Anxiety

fermented foods relieve anxiety

Food & Drink, Mental & MindAnxiety has become a problem that affects many people in urban areas. Not merely things that are triggered by a psychological or mental disorder, anxiety turns also triggered by the stomach, and the food was consumed. A study reveals that the mind and mental quality is strongly influenced by ...

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