Vitamin D Can Improve The Work of The Heart Pump

vitamin D improve work heart pump

Medications & VitaminsVitamin D not only strengthens bones and teeth. Recent studies have found that this vitamin can also increase the heart’s ability to pump blood. According to the team of Leeds Teaching Hospitals, this finding is said to be an amazing thing. The benefits of vitamin D test was conducted ...

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7 Foods That Should Not Be Consumed with Certain Medicines

foods consumed certain medicines

Food & Drink, Medications & VitaminsSome types of food are advised to not be consumed along with certain medicines, because it would make the medicine does not work optimally. Not only that, even a blend of chemical substances and nutrients from the medicine can provide harmful side effects for you. What are some foods ...

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Children are Often Given Antibiotics at Risk of Getting Fat

children antibiotics risk fat

Medications & VitaminsBe careful in giving antibiotics to children who are sick. If the children are too often given antibiotics, worried many pathogenic bacteria resistant to that drug later. In addition, according to the latest research is mentioned, the giving antibiotics to children under the age of two years are at ...

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5 Natural Remedy for Sore Throat due to Tonsillitis

natural remedy sore throat tonsillitis

Medications & VitaminsSore throat when swallowing can be caused by an infection that triggers inflammation of the tonsils. Tonsils in general are used to help the immune system to fight various infections. Location of the tonsils in the upper throat, back of the tongue so that if it becomes inflamed then ...

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Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for Health

hyperbaric oxygen therapy benefits

Medications & VitaminsHyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) which uses a large tube-like submarine into the spotlight after the accident that happened in the Mintoharjo hospital up to four of the therapy patients died. Actually, what the benefits of applying these therapies for your health? One type of disease that is claimed to ...

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Defects in the Fetus Can be Caused by Consumption of Vitamin A

defects fetus vitamin A

Medications & VitaminsThe nutritional requirements and balanced nutrition is needed by pregnant women to maintain the health of the fetus. Starting from milk for pregnant women until supplement intake for fetal amplifier which also aims to support the development of organs and brains of babies in the womb. However, recent news ...

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Easy Recipes Using Nutmeg to Overcome Insomnia

nutmeg powder overcome insomnia

Conditions & Diseases, Medications & VitaminsInsomnia is a sleep disorder problem that is now being experienced by modern humans. Experiencing insomnia can make a person difficult to sleep, do not sleep soundly, and more. Before taking a sleeping pill, you should first try the natural way to overcome the problem of insomnia that you ...

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Chronic Disease Treatment Method According To Body Clock

treatment method body clock

Conditions & Diseases, Medications & VitaminsIn the medical world, known term Chronotherapeutics or disease treatment method in accordance with the human body clock. Usually related disease cases of hypertension and asthma. The study by the American Medical Association (AMA) indicates that asthma attacks suffered by more than 15 million Americans frequently occur at night, ...

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Easy and Cheap Ways to Overcome Tonsils with Natural Beverages

overcome tonsils

Medications & VitaminsTonsils many experienced by children, as well as teens and adults. There are times when being inflamed, the pain and fever can be experienced by children thus causing panic among parents. If so, try to stay calm because there is some kind of a natural drink that is potent ...

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Best Way to Overcome Itching Due to Eczema on the Skin

overcome itching eczema

Conditions & Diseases, Medications & VitaminsEczema on the surface of the skin will cause itching and discomfort, as well as a red rash. Excruciating if suffering from this disease, because you certainly cannot bear silent due to itching and burning conditions. To reduce the effects of eczema, moreover, the skin sometimes can be flaky, ...

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