Tips and How to Make Diabetes Medication from Celery

diabetes medication from celery

Medications & VitaminsCelery has a distinctive and fragrant aroma, widely used as a complementary ingredient or garnished. But it has also been proved that the plant can be used as a drug one type of disease that is diabetes. There are substances that function to regulate the condition of blood sugar ...

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Easy Bruising One Characteristic Body Lack of Vitamin K

bruising lack of vitamin K

Conditions & Diseases, Medications & VitaminsAlthough often considered unimportant, but vitamin K include vitamins needed by the human body. Just like other types of vitamins, when the body is deficient in this vitamin, then there will be a negative effect on health. More fatal when people who are deficient in vitamin K is pregnant ...

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Never Underestimate the Benefits of Vitamin C for Body

benefits of vitamin C

Medications & VitaminsVitamin C is currently the most commonly found in the market, the most popular and is referred to as the nutrient most safe and effective. Not only in terms of curing disease, but the benefits of these vitamins is the protection of the immune system. Vitamin C is also ...

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Do Not Throw Away the Seeds of Papaya, Can Treat Many Diseases

seeds of papaya

Medications & VitaminsHerbal medicine today has become a trend, along with the increasing awareness of the dangers of chemical medicine for the body. Besides safe for consumption and almost no negative impact, herbal remedies are also effective if taken according to usefulness. One is the papaya seeds that have been known ...

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Medicine for First Aid When Experiencing Allergy

first aid when experiencing allergy

Medications & VitaminsAllergies can be experienced by people with a weakened immune system or somewhat problematic. Forms of allergy can vary, for example when the air temperature is cold, the skin will experience itching and redness, bumps, respiratory tract reacts to become short of breath, or snot out from the nose. ...

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Vitamin D Can Improve the Work of the Heart Pump

vitamin D improve work heart pump

Medications & VitaminsVitamin D not only strengthens bones and teeth. Recent studies have found that this vitamin can also increase the heart’s ability to pump blood. According to the team of Leeds Teaching Hospitals, this finding is said to be an amazing thing. The benefits of vitamin D test was conducted ...

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7 Foods That Should Not Be Consumed with Certain Medicines

foods consumed certain medicines

Food & Drink, Medications & VitaminsSome types of food are advised not to be consumed along with certain medicines because it would make the medicine does not work optimally. Not only that, even a blend of chemical substances and nutrients from the medicine can provide harmful side effects for you. What are some foods ...

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Children Are Often Given Antibiotics at Risk of Getting Fat

children antibiotics risk fat

Medications & VitaminsBe careful in giving antibiotics to children who are sick. If the children are too often given antibiotics, worried many pathogenic bacteria resistant to that drug later. In addition, according to the latest research is mentioned, the giving antibiotics to children under the age of two years are at ...

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5 Natural Remedy for Sore Throat Due to Tonsillitis

natural remedy sore throat tonsillitis

Medications & VitaminsA sore throat when swallowing can be caused by an infection that triggers inflammation of the tonsils. Tonsils in general are used to help the immune system to fight various infections. Location of the tonsils in the upper throat, back of the tongue so that if it becomes inflamed, ...

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Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for Health

hyperbaric oxygen therapy benefits

Medications & VitaminsHyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) which uses a large tube-like submarine into the spotlight after the accident that happened in the Mintoharjo hospital up to four of the therapy patients died. Actually, what the benefits of applying these therapies for your health? One type of disease that is claimed to ...

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