Tips to Avoid Harmful Bacteria in the Swimming Pool

avoid bacteria in swimming pool

Health TipsAlthough already cleaned, the swimming pool still contains many bacteria and germs that endanger health. In addition, the chemicals used to purify the water are not always safe for your body. How many hundred people use the swimming pool, among those people may have dangerous infectious diseases. Therefore, it ...

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Do Not Bring a Heavy Bag on the Shoulder, This is the Danger

heavy bag on the shoulder

Health TipsThe habit of carrying a heavy bag on the shoulder should start you leave. Although it feels lighter and comfortable, but it can be bad for your health. Especially if only one shoulder that you often make to lift bags containing various goods. What are the risks if too ...

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Don’t Be Shy, Fart It’s Very Healthy for Your Body

fart it's very healthy

Health TipsFart often considered shameful, and if done in the crowd would have been denounced as disrespectful. In fact, like defecation and urination, farts are a normal and healthy thing that everyone would ever do. Gases emitted when you fart containing hydrogen sulphide, derived from the work of digestion. Although ...

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Negative Effects of Drying Wet Clothes in the Room

drying wet clothes in the room

Health TipsDuring the rainy season many people who hang wet clothes in the room. These habits will make the humidity level rose to 30 percent and fun for the fungus to grow. It’s certainly not ideal conditions needed for the body’s health. The health risks that can occur in residents ...

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5 Artificial Sweeteners Should Be Avoided If You Want Healthy

artificial sweeteners should be avoided

Health TipsSweet foods favored not only by children but also their parents. However, the health effects that follow after eating food rich in sugar it turned out to not as sweet as it seems. There are several diseases that are suspected to be a result of the amount of sugar ...

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Health Risks If Often Withhold Bowel Movements

health risks withhold bowel movements

Health TipsWhen the stomach is already churning, and the desire to defecate feels urgent, there are times when the toilet is being used by another person or the condition of being on the road so unable to immediately perform bowel movements. Hold the defecation is a way to save them ...

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Diligently Cleaning the House Can Eliminate Insomnia and Make Sleep Soundly

diligently cleaning house

Health TipsDo not underestimate the habit of cleaning the house that is always identical to the activities of women. Although often underestimated, this practice turned out to have a positive effect on health, you know, that eliminates insomnia and increase the quality of sleep more soundly. Another benefit of diligent ...

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60 Per 60: Formula Listening to Music Through Earphones

formula listening to music

Health TipsHeadphones or earphones become the most devices required by modern music lovers. The sound of music being played will not disturb others in the vicinity. Even so not to underestimate the adverse effects of its use. Exposure to loud noises in the ears that last continuously can lead to ...

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Often Playing Gadget, the Child Can Become Forgetful

playing gadget child become forgetful

Health TipsChildren who are left too often plays a smartphone or other gadget at risk of mental problems. They can be easy to forget. The concentration of children is only focused on gadgets and more rarely focus on other things more complex. It makes children addicted to gadgets likely to ...

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Mothers Who Give Birth at the Age of 35 Years More Patient and Mature

mothers give birth at 35 years

Health TipsAlthough many health warnings that encourage women to not give birth at the age of more than 35 years, but the fact is now the age of marriage for women more were approaching 40 years. As a result, they will give birth the first time in that age range. ...

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