Tips to Stay Healthy Even Though Everyday Long Sitting in the Office

tips healthy long sitting office

Health TipsActivities with low energy expenditure such as sitting up to five hours in a day, it is very dangerous for health. But poor health conditions can be improved with exercise as much as 2 – 2.5 hours per week. Based on studies from previous research, the amount of time ...

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Writing by Hand More Beneficial for The Brain Rather Than Typing

writing hand beneficial brain

Health TipsWriting by hand is much more beneficial than writing with keyboard computer or gadget. The study found that people who write by hand have increased a better learning ability rather than doing it on the keyboard. Explained by Kenneth Kiewra, educational psychologist, from observations on the students who write ...

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Meet the Nutritional Needs for Ages 30 Years and Older

nutritional needs ages 30 years older

Health Tips, Weight Loss & NutritionIncreasing age is also marked by the need of nutrients which is changing and evolving. As time goes by, some types of vitamins like B12 is required. According to Helen Rasmussen, Ph.D., a registered dietitian at the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging from Tufts University, Boston, these recommendations ...

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Easy Ways to Removing Body Toxins Through Urine

removing body toxins urine

Health TipsInside the human body there are toxins? Toxins in question are the rest of the foods and drinks that settles in the digestive tract, in the cells of the body as well as other organs. Normally, usually will be excreted through the colon and bladder and also sweat ducts. ...

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6 Types of Foods High in Antioxidants to Make the Body More Healthy

types foods high antioxidants healthy

Food & Drink, Health TipsTo make the body stronger, healthier and not easily infected by diseases caused by viruses and bacteria and other causes, then you should consume foods that have a high antioxidant content. Antioxidants are molecules that stop the oxidation process, whereas the oxidation will take effect damage to cells in ...

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4 Habits That You Can Do Everyday To Support Better Health

habits everyday support better health

Health TipsThere are many ways to be healthy every day. Apart from applying a balanced diet to exercise on a regular basis, there are some habits that it also triggers the body’s health better. You may not believe it at first. But a healthy way such as this has been ...

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Health Tips Eating Sushi From The Experts

health tips eating sushi

Food & Drink, Health TipsEver become a lifestyle trend in 2008, food from Japan, sushi increasingly favored by people worldwide. Rated healthier because processed using a minimum of oil and flour, sushi does have a number of nutritional benefits and nutrients. If you are lovers of sushi, the following health tips on eating ...

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Tips to Overcome Morning Sickness During Early Pregnancy

tips overcome morning sickness

Health TipsMorning sickness is a common symptom that is often felt by young pregnant women, especially during the first trimester. The plain language is ‘drunk’, because it felt nausea and vomiting like someone who was drunk. Hormonal changes experienced by pregnant women to be the main trigger, though there are ...

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Eating Without a Spoon Proved Beneficial for Health

eating without spoon

Health TipsThe habit of eating with the hands without a spoon is often considered old-fashioned and tacky. Spoon and fork are now more widely used to put food into the mouth for practical reasons, it is also more polite and modern. When in fact, eating with the hands will taste ...

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The Age of 25, Best Age to Give Birth to the First Child

best age to give birth

Health TipsMost women choose to give birth in the 20s due to various reasons, such as the factors of fertility, reproductive health, or financially. However, recent research shows that the best age for childbirth turns refers to the age of 25 years and over. So that was reported by Dailymail ...

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