3 Foods That Can Make You Senile Faster

foods make senile faster

Food & DrinkSome foods with proteins that often we eat everyday, are known to have long-term effects that may be detrimental to health. Some of these foods can make a person to experience senility faster. Actually, these foods contain good nutrition. However, excessive consumption in the long term is not recommended. ...

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3 Foods to Improve the Production of Breast Milk

foods improve production breast milk

Food & DrinkBreast milk is much needed by the baby. Many mothers are even provide breast milk until the child is two years old. Benefits of breast milk are very much, especially filling the nutritional needs of children with the most appropriate composition than formula milk. In addition, by drinking breast ...

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7 Foods That Should Not Be Consumed with Certain Medicines

foods consumed certain medicines

Food & Drink, Medications & VitaminsSome types of food are advised to not be consumed along with certain medicines, because it would make the medicine does not work optimally. Not only that, even a blend of chemical substances and nutrients from the medicine can provide harmful side effects for you. What are some foods ...

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6 Types of Foods High in Antioxidants to Make the Body More Healthy

types foods high antioxidants healthy

Food & Drink, Health TipsTo make the body stronger, healthier and not easily infected by diseases caused by viruses and bacteria and other causes, then you should consume foods that have a high antioxidant content. Antioxidants are molecules that stop the oxidation process, whereas the oxidation will take effect damage to cells in ...

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Food Has an Effect on the Recurrence of Bipolar Sufferers

food effect recurrence bipolar sufferers

Conditions & Diseases, Food & DrinkIf you have relatives who have bipolar disorder, you should keep them away from the consumption of ice cream. Quoted from Everyday Health page, if a person with such emotional disorder eat a lot of sugary foods with high levels of carbohydrates and sugar, it can aggravate the disease. ...

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Health Tips Eating Sushi From The Experts

health tips eating sushi

Food & Drink, Health TipsEver become a lifestyle trend in 2008, food from Japan, sushi increasingly favored by people worldwide. Rated healthier because processed using a minimum of oil and flour, sushi does have a number of nutritional benefits and nutrients. If you are lovers of sushi, the following health tips on eating ...

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Excessive Drinking Green Tea Can Cause Some Health Problems

excessive drinking green tea

Food & DrinkNot always a green tea that has been known can shed fat, can be useful to support other health side. It turned out that this drink also has a negative side when consumed carelessly. Green tea is safe to drink about two cups per day. If more than the ...

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Effects Often Drink Lemon Water for the Body

effects drink lemon water

Food & DrinkLemon has a high content of vitamin C, so good for consumption as useful nutrients for the body. But if you drink lemon water too much and often, then the effect will be negative for health. Do not believe? Try to see explanation below, as quoted from Boldsky = ...

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Routine Drinking Coffee Can Prevent Multiple Sclerosis

drinking coffee multiple sclerosis

Conditions & Diseases, Food & DrinkCoffee can prevent the occurrence of the risk of multiple sclerosis (MS). Recent studies reveal it after making observations on the respondent who drink coffee. People who regularly drink coffee more protected up to a third lower to get multiple sclerosis disease than those who don’t drink coffee. “We ...

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Eating Tempeh and Tofu Help Prevent Osteoporosis

tempeh tofu prevent osteoporosis

Food & DrinkRoutine eat tempeh and tofu can be a delicious way to maintain bone strength. Both are some foods that can prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis. In this disease, good nutrition can be a factor to prevent it. Products processed from soybeans have an important nutrient for preventing bone loss. ...

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