Restore Power After Exercise with This Food

restore power after exercise

Food & DrinkAfter exercising, the exhaustion will be felt. To recover the exhausted energy after being squeezed, there are several types of food that can restore energy quickly. Do not eat any food, especially junk food or fried foods and foods high in carbohydrates. What types of foods are recommended for ...

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8 Efficacy of Pomegranates Favored by King Salman

efficacy of pomegranates

Food & DrinkAccording to the chef who served in providing food for King Salman’s entourage in Bali, there is one special requested by him namely pomegranate. This fruit is rather difficult to find in the homeland, especially with the same standards as the pomegranate from the Middle East that are sweet ...

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Negative Effects on the Body If Too Much to Drink Tea

too much drink tea

Food & DrinkDrinking tea is refreshing and delicious, no wonder if in some countries the habit is a culture and done regularly. Some of the substances contained in tea are also good for the body, such as antioxidants that help eliminate the effects of evil free radicals. But anything excessive is ...

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Eating Corn Too Often Can Cause Health Problems, This is the Reason

eating corn cause health problems

Food & DrinkIn some areas of the country, corn is the staple food that is almost every day consumed. Although processed into various kinds of processed food, but if eaten too often then the effect is apparently not good for health. What is the reason? Reported by Boldsky page there are ...

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Get More Protein Sources from This Cheap Vegetables

protein sources cheap vegetables

Food & DrinkThe most protein sources are from meat, fish, chicken, and eggs. Then how do the vegetarians to meet the body’s need for the substance? It’s very easy actually because some vegetables contain vegetable protein. Protein in vegetables that can meet the needs of our bodies, without fear of damaging ...

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Diet Soda Drinks Can Be at Risk of Causing a Stroke

diet soda drinks stroke

Conditions & Diseases, Food & DrinkUsually, diet soda (diet coke) is considered safe for consumption in large quantities because of low sugar content. Whereas a study from Boston University mentions that accustomed to consuming diet drink can trigger stroke and dementia. It was known after the researchers conducted a study involving 4,400 people in ...

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Often Eating Sausages and Burgers, This is the Bad Effect

sausages burgers bad effect

Food & DrinkSausages and burgers are included in the type of processed meat containing a lot of sodium. In a JAMA journal article, it was written that people who consume processed meat, salt (sodium), and soda would be at risk of a deadly disease. The case is common in the United ...

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Drinking Raw Goat Milk Can Make You Stay Young?

drinking raw goat milk

Food & DrinkThe habit of drinking raw goat milk is considered to provide health benefits, among others, to get rid of parasites in the digestive tract. It is also believed by artist actor Iron Man 3, Gwyneth Paltrow. He admitted likes to drink goat milk for 8 days in a row ...

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Blueberry is Very Good for Brain and Memory Health

blueberry for brain and memory health

Food & DrinkWant to have strong memory and brain that stay healthy until old? Just try to eat blueberries. The fruit is blue as the color and includes the type of berry. Its superiority in improving brain function, especially for the elderly has been demonstrated in a study conducted by the ...

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Drinking Mocha Latte Makes Concentration Last Longer

drinking mocha latte concentration

Food & DrinkAs a coffee enthusiast, maybe you can choose the type of coffee mocha latte. This coffee is a blend of coffee with chocolate. It feels quite “god.” The fragrance of the two is very tempting. One more, there are studies that say that mocha latte can make someone’s concentration ...

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