5 Reasons Why Lack of Sleep Can Make Your Body Become Fat

reasons lack sleep body fat

Conditions & DiseasesMany studies link between lack of sleep and the possibility of a person to gain weight. In fact, people often stay up are more likely to have obesity. The results of this research are not without reason. Apparently, when someone does not have enough time to sleep, there will ...

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4 Habits That Cause Neck Pain and Shoulder Pain

habits cause neck shoulder pain

Conditions & DiseasesSoreness and fatigue in neck area often experienced by people who are less physical activity. Neck pain can be very disturbing daily routine. Discomfort always haunt in a variety of activities throughout the day. Well, neck pain and shoulder pain can arise from doing certain habits. Quoted from CNN, ...

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The Reason Why The Body Becomes Lethargic During a Fever

reason body lethargic fever

Conditions & DiseasesFever is not a thing to be feared as long as the temperature that appears is still within tolerable limits. The side effects of fever is quite disturbing, like the body becomes lethargic and limp. But the fever actually helps the weakened immune system to be able to fight ...

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5 Interesting Facts About Varicose Veins

interesting facts varicose veins

Conditions & DiseasesPregnant women often have varicose veins in the legs. It is not only women who can have this problem, because men also many who have varicose veins. Although not painful, but varicose veins can be very disturbing one’s appearance. You wondered what exactly it is and how the occurrence ...

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5 Things That Will Be Experienced If The Body Stops Sweating

experienced body stops sweating

Conditions & DiseasesSweat sometimes complained of by some people who have body odor, because it can make the bad smell of their bodies scattered worse. Though the benefits of sweat are very much, you know, for the health of the body. Just imagine if your body can not naturally secrete sweat, ...

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Treating Early Menopause with Acupuncture, Can Last for 7 Years

treating early menopause acupuncture

Conditions & DiseasesThe phenomenon of women who experience early menopause are now beginning to grow. Acupuncture specialist dr. Indrawati Setyono explained that at this time, many found the women went through menopause before the age of 40 years. “Treating early menopause could have been done. The cycle can come back again, ...

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Feet Swelling During Pregnancy is Permanent

feet swelling pregnancy permanent

Conditions & DiseasesPregnancy has many wonders. For nine months, an expectant mother experienced many unusual things and never experienced before. Many changes occur in the body, including enlarged feet size during pregnancy. Do you also experienced this? Boldsky categorize enlarged feet syndrome during pregnancy as one of the strange changes that ...

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Food Has an Effect on the Recurrence of Bipolar Sufferers

food effect recurrence bipolar sufferers

Conditions & Diseases, Food & DrinkIf you have relatives who have bipolar disorder, you should keep them away from the consumption of ice cream. Quoted from Everyday Health page, if a person with such emotional disorder eat a lot of sugary foods with high levels of carbohydrates and sugar, it can aggravate the disease. ...

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3 Fatal Effect When The Body Less Drinking

fatal effect body less drinking

Conditions & DiseasesDrinking water look like a trivial thing. But make no mistake, if you are going to underestimate it could be fatal. The human body is largely composed of liquid. Drinking enough water will keep the body’s systems running smoothly. Water is needed for a variety of things that support ...

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Love to Wear High Heels? Ready for the Risk of Varicose Veins!

high heels varicose veins

Conditions & DiseasesVaricose veins are quite disturbing if you want to wear a skirt or shorts. The color is bluish make your legs look ugly so that you are not confident to wear skirts and shorts. Diseases caused by disorders of the veins can reach 50%. “Starting from the lightest disorders ...

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