There Are 12 Types of New Bacterial Names Released by WHO

12 types of new bacterial names

Conditions & DiseasesRecently the United Nations organization, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the 12 names the type of bacteria known to trigger dangerous health problems. The reason is that the bacteria are known to have resistance to the type of antibiotics that exist today. Not only that, but the bacteria ...

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Female Smokers Can Experience Early Menopause

female smokers early menopause

Conditions & DiseasesBad news for female smokers, because the latest study reveals that menopause they can experience 4 years faster than non-smokers. This is certainly terrible, and not expected by the majority of women. Smoking habits affect the menstrual cycle, as written by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. Unfortunately, only ...

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Often Over Excessive Sweating, You May Have This Disease

over excessive sweating disease

Conditions & DiseasesIf you feel that the sweat that comes from the body is not as usual, more and without a clear reason, then beware. It is possible that you are experiencing a particular disease. The appearance of excessive sweating is an early warning given by the body because of abnormal ...

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Adverse Effects of Over Sleep for More Than 8 Hours

over sleep more than 8 hours

Conditions & DiseasesAnything excessive certainly will not have a positive effect, including overdose sleep. Ideally, humans need to sleep for 8 hours per day, to restore freshness and fitness condition of the body. If more than 8 hours per day you sleep and it is often done, then there are some ...

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Symptoms of Women Who Are Infertile and Difficult to Have Children

symptoms women infertile

Conditions & DiseasesIf you crave the presence of a child, then consider first whether the symptoms of infertility are in you. Although not accurately the results show that your reproductive system is problematic, but it is worth looking at as knowledge. The next step you can see your doctor to be ...

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4 Myths About Dengue Fever That Need to Be Known

myths about dengue fever

Conditions & DiseasesDengue fever disease apparently many also raises the myth among laymen who lack access to information and knowledge about it. For example, assuming that if the platelets are low then surely it is a dengue fever. In addition, there are also some other beliefs related to the disease caused ...

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Diet Soda Drinks Can Be at Risk of Causing a Stroke

diet soda drinks stroke

Conditions & Diseases, Food & DrinkUsually, diet soda (diet coke) is considered safe for consumption in large quantities because of low sugar content. Whereas a study from Boston University mentions that accustomed to consuming diet drink can trigger stroke and dementia. It was known after the researchers conducted a study involving 4,400 people in ...

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6 Types of Cancer That Often Attack Children

types of cancer attack children

Conditions & DiseasesCancer is not just domination by adults. There are some cancer survivors of the age group of children. In Indonesia, it is estimated that there are 9 cases of cancer experienced by every 100,000 children according to the data of Cancer Registration System in Indonesia medio 2005-2007. Half of ...

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Rice is Often a Trigger for Diabetes, This is the Cause

rice trigger for diabetes

Conditions & Diseases, Food & DrinkRice is often used as a scapegoat of rising blood sugar levels, so many trigger diabetes. When viewed again, rice is the staple food of the people in this country, which is consumed from the morning, noon to night. Yes, cannot be denied if there is a mention of ...

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Recognize Differences in Pain Due to Muscle Fatigue and Diseases

pain muscle fatigue diseases

Conditions & DiseasesBody feels sore after work or exercise is normal. But sometimes need to be aware if any discomfort it tends to be difficult to recover in the long term. Soreness may be a sign of the disease that affecting the bones, joints, and muscles. Therefore, it is necessary to ...

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