Fruits That Should Not Be Consumed When Diabetes

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Suffered from diabetes means you have to keep the intake of food every day, so that blood sugar levels do not rise. It includes also select the type of fruit included in your diet, even though the various types of vitamins and minerals in it is good for health.

According to medical sources, the fruit should be avoided by diabetics is that it contains high sugar content. So although had plenty of vitamins but not good to be consumed in large quantities.

One of them is a specialist in internal medicine, Dr. Aris Wibudi mentions a few examples of fruit that is not good for consumption by diabetics such as mangoes, bananas, dates, longan, and durian.

Especially for dates, the research has been done by the Society of Endocrinology Indonesia (Perkeni), that eating five pieces at once can increase blood sugar levels, said Dr. Aris as reported by Liputan6.

The glycemic index of these fruits are also high and can raise blood sugar quickly after consumption.

As a substitute for these fruits, diabetics are more encouraged to eat vegetables because it is safer and consists of complex carbohydrates. Diabetics can also find the need for vitamins and minerals in vegetables.

“Try to consume raw vegetables rather than sauteed vegetables with the use of oil,” he added.

The reason is in raw vegetables contain many beneficial substances such as enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that more easily digested and has not been damaged by the heating process. It is much healthier for the body of people with diabetes.


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