Drastic Weight Down? 6 Diseases That Can Trigger It

drastic weight down

Do not be too happy first if your body is thin too fast. In fact, when weight loss occurs without any special causes before, you should suspect with health conditions. The reason could be the trigger is a disease affecting the physical or mental. And, losing weight becomes one of the symptoms.

Quoted by Merdeka from Boldsky, here are some health problems that generally can make weight loss pretty quickly =

  1. Depression.
    This mental illness makes a person not in the mood to eat. If it happens continuously, usually food intake is reduced a lot and lead to weight loss.
  2. Hyperthyroidism.
    People who have an overactive thyroid hormone can also lose weight quickly. Other symptoms are easily upset until the body is easy to sweating. Hyperthyroidism causes the body’s metabolism system takes place faster.
  3. Diabetes.
    Increased blood sugar can cause a sharp shrinking of muscle mass that leads to weight loss.
  4. Celiac.
    This disease attacks the intestines that trigger the decline in body weight. Intestines injured so thus making the absorption of nutrients undisturbed.
  5. TBC.
    Tuberculosis made a decreased immunity. In effect, the weight loss due to virus attack.
  6. Cancer.
    Cancer absorbs nutrients that are distributed in the blood as food. As a result, the nutrients is reduced, and the body becomes thin. Cancer also damage normal cells and lowered immunity.

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