Heartburn or Stomach Ulcers? Stay Away from These Foods

heartburn stomach ulcers foods

Often experiencing sharp pain in stomach, bloating, and nausea when eating late? That means you are experiencing heartburn. Be careful, if allowed to continue and to become chronic gastritis, the risk of gastric cancer can occur.

Heartburn occurs due to inflammation of the walls of peptic ulcers or sores occur. It can be caused due to irregular eating patterns, often too late to eat, or because of the habit of eating some foods that trigger increased stomach acid.

To minimize the recurrence of heartburn, then change the diet may be a way out. Avoiding foods that cause increased production of stomach acid should also be performed.

The following are some foods that should be avoided by people with stomach ulcers or heartburn, so as not to relapse =

  1. Foods that trigger gas in the stomach.
    Vegetables such as mustard greens, cabbage, jack fruit, nuts can lead to gas as it passes through the digestive process. You should consume these foods in a minimal amount.
  2. Soda and alcohol.
    Drinks with soda and alcohol definitely make the gas in the stomach increases. It can make the stomach is getting sore, and your stomach ulcers recur.
  3. Noodles.
    Types of noodles, vermicelli, pasta, or a carbohydrate source that is not rice such as potatoes and corn can make heartburn more severe.
  4. Spicy.
    The walls of the stomach can be further hurt because the spicy taste of the chili and pepper that you consume excessively. Avoid as much as possible, or limit just a little, for the health of your stomach.
  5. High levels of fat.
    Foods with high fat content such as cakes with margarine, cheese, and various types of ice cream also appeared to trigger heartburn. Consumption with wisely so that you stay healthy.

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