Tips for Reducing Exposure to Bacteria on the Cuisine at Home

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tips reduce bacteria on cuisine

Cooking itself is much healthier than eating in a restaurant or buy snacks that are sold on the streets. However, it does not mean the food you cook is free from bacteria and dirt. Because there are so many requirements of food to be free of germs and bacteria, ranging from the pre-cooking process, and cook until serving.

Obviously bad bacteria is the enemy of health and risk of exposure to disease. Therefore, hygiene when cooking is very important to note, in addition to the condition of foodstuffs and hygienic way of processing.

The following tips for reducing bacteria on the cuisine at home =

Vegetables are bought usually contain chemicals from pesticides and chicken can contain up to 60% of bacteria. Therefore, wash any food ingredients correctly, use running water when washing each ingredient as tips to reduce bacteria on the cuisine at home.

Hand hygiene is also a vital thing, so do not forget to always wash your hands before and after preparing food ingredients, such as when handling raw meat. To be more sterile, use warm water and soap to wash hands for 20 seconds.

Make sure the plates are used to put food is clean. Do not use plates that have previously been used to store foodstuffs, because this will invite back bacteria living on food as tips to reduce bacteria on the cuisine at home.

Kitchen hygiene should also be considered, so we should not be lazy to clean every nook in the kitchen. Use one teaspoon of cleaning solution mixed with water to clean kitchen surfaces and all cooking equipment. For the knife and cutting board, wash first after being used to cut raw meat, before being reused to cut other food ingredients.

If using a can opener, wipe the tool before and after use as tips to reduce bacteria on the cuisine at home.

Do not leave food at room temperature for too long, because it will trigger the growth of bacteria.

Cooking utensils washers must also be kept clean, like a sponge. A wet sponge is the most convenient place for the bacteria to multiply. At least once a week, wash sponge with warm water.

Hopefully, the tips for reducing bacteria on the cuisine at home is beneficial to your health.


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