Beware, Often Lonely Can Trigger Disturbances in Mental Health

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lonely trigger mental health

Loneliness is not a pleasant thing, and if it happened in a long time, it could interfere with a person’s mental health. After all, humans are social creatures who need other people to communicate, share and compassionate.

It is not easy to diagnose mental health problems, and need the opinion of experts in the field to do so. But as knowledge, following reported by Yourtango page about mental health disorders problems that may be experienced by someone who often lonely =

  • Depression.
    Depression can happen when someone does not have a place to share stories, share issues, and others which are often carried out by people in general. Generally, depression can be seen from the emergence of discomfort when you’re alone.
  • Social anxiety.
    Sufferers will feel afraid to leave the house and socialize with others. They may feel unwelcome or not match along with others. This happens because it is too long to live alone and uncomfortable in the crowd.
  • Addiction.
    When a person can not be connected with other people, then they will try to connect with whatever is found, including illegal drugs and narcotics. No wonder some lonely person could escape from loneliness by finding the drug, or addicted to other things.
  • Hobby hoarding.
    Ever hear someone who likes to hoard junk, until their house is full of useless stuff. That includes the kind of mental disorder called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The goods were used to cover up the emptiness in their heart, and more trash accumulates it will cause a lot of satisfaction.

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