Reversing Diabetes with Diet and Exercise

reversing diabetes diet exercise

Treatment of diabetes requires sufferers to adopt a healthy lifestyle, with the aim to control diabetes and blood sugar levels, and to prevent long-term complications that can be caused by diabetes. Adopting a healthy lifestyle including arranging a proper diet for diabetes. If someone is diagnosed with diabetes, or at risk of developing diabetes, it does not mean everything has ended. Most people with diabetes can live healthy and normal with regular and consistent healthy lifestyle. The good news is, many people successful even without taking medication. Even people who do not have diabetes are encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy lifestyle for diabetics.

Treatment of diabetes focuses on controlling blood sugar (glucose). It can be run on diet and exercise, and lifestyle changes that do not support the diabetes program. Experts say that people with diabetes must maintain and control weight because the weight loss as much as 5-10% will lower blood sugar levels significantly. Consult with your doctor and a nutritionist to do proper planning.

Diabetes and diet.

Set the proper diet is very important for people with diabetes. While exercise is important, but the food consumed is the most important factor in controlling diabetes, especially if associated with a weight loss program.

Nothing special diet for diabetics, because it is the same as a healthy diet that is recommended for everyone =

  • High in nutrients.
  • Low fat.
  • Low in calories.

It is a healthy diet for anyone. But the main difference is the people with diabetes should pay more attention to food choices that will be consumed, especially carbohydrates.

Diabetes diet tips: Eat foods high in fiber, complex carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates provide a significant influence on blood sugar levels. Not that diabetics should avoid carbohydrates at all but be careful in choosing the type of carbohydrates that consumed.

In general, it is recommended to consume complex carbohydrates and high in fiber, because it will be broken down by slower digestion, helps maintain blood sugar levels. Also, complex carbohydrates will give you more energy for the body and make us feel full longer.

Limit consumption of white rice, pasta, soda, alcohol, foods that contain sweeteners or sugar, as well as most snacks. Instead, it would be better if people with diabetes eat brown rice, whole grain (cereals and wholemeal bread), and also cereal that contains fiber and high in nutrients.

Besides the intake of carbohydrates, also, multiply the consumption of vegetables and fresh fruits. Vegetables provide essential nutrients, such as broccoli and spinach, which is recommended for diabetics. Similarly, fruits like apples, pears, peaches, and berries, either consumed directly or made of pure fresh juice (without sugar).

Diabetes diet tips: Meticulously with a ‘sweet’.

Diet for diabetes does not mean avoiding sugar altogether. Diabetics can still eat favorite sweets, including when used as dessert at dinner with the family. The key is: eat in moderation and not excessive.

Tips to keep eating sugary foods (carefully) is to consume at mealtimes (as a cover), and not consumed as a snack between meals. Consider reducing the portion of the main course if you want to eat sweet foods later because sweet foods will provide additional carbohydrates. Also, fewer sodas and avoid alcohol.

Diabetes diet tips: Choose wisely fat consumption.

Fat can be beneficial to your diet, but it can also be dangerous. Some types of fat are not healthy for the body, and some other types provide excellent benefits for health. People with diabetes have an increased risk of heart disease, so wise in choosing a fat that consumed.

Know the types of healthy fats and unhealthy will be superb for people with diabetes and family.

Good fats.

The best fats are unsaturated fats, which are found in plants and fish. The main popular sources are olive oil, nuts, soy and soy milk, and avocado. Also, it is advisable to consume omega-3 which is very good for your metabolism, brain and heart. Sources of omega-3 are high, can be found in salmon, tuna and sunflower seeds.

Bad fats.

The opposite of the above, the fat that is not recommended in a healthy diet, especially for diabetics, is saturated fat. These fats are found in red meat/raw, eggs, cheese, butter, milk packaging, ice cream and also in a lot of snacks.

Saturated fats are not unhealthy at all because the types of foods that contain saturated fats above also provide essential nutrients and vitamins to the body. However, for people with diabetes, the type of saturated fat will raise cholesterol levels in the body and increase the risk of heart disease. Therefore better to give sensible limits on certain types of fats that help in controlling diabetes and blood sugar levels.

Diabetes diet tips: Eat regularly and keep a diary.

Losing weight does not have to do with hunger, and missed meals. For diabetics, lose a little excess weight is very influential in controlling blood sugar levels, but completely missed meals not included in the program. Similarly, in other healthy diet types.

Research shows that success in a healthy way to lose weight is to eat regularly, and keep a diary of foods that consumed.

Eating regularly means eating three meals a day and two snacks between meals. Blood sugar levels and body weight will be controlled by itself if you get a regular intake of healthy foods. That must be considered is the portions and types food consumed at mealtimes and snacks.

Do not miss the breakfast/morning meal.

Start each day with a healthy breakfast. Breakfast each day will ensure your body has enough energy to activities and helps maintain blood sugar levels remain normal. Hunger due to skipping breakfast tends to make people eat lunch with excessive portions.

Eat regularly, with moderation.

Keep eating regularly, but with small portions. Eating on a regular basis to ensure that the body is not starving so the diet is maintained at all times.

Keep your calorie intake.

Maintaining a fixed calorie intake each day will help keep blood sugar levels stable. It is better than consuming a lot of calories in one day or in one hour and missed at any other time.

Keep a diary.

Keep a diary of the food consumed to be effective in weight loss diets. Why? The main reason is the daily records to help identify the problems/effects of food consumed and assist in the evaluation of the diet, because we can easily compare the type of food, serving, and eating time with successful weight loss program.

Healthy eating above applies to anyone who wants healthy. Nothing special for diabetics besides more attention to carbohydrate intake and maintain weight. Besides diet, doing regular exercise as well, at least 15-30 minutes every day. Moderate exercise such as walking, jogging, and cycling would be a positive effect on the body, and helpful for the control of diabetes.


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