Diagnosed Died Tomorrow, This Man Saved by Technology Heart in Box

technology heart in box

The lives of British men named Lee Hall, who was diagnosed only stay alive for two days were saved thanks to technology ‘Heart in Box’. A 26-year-old man diagnosed with heart failure at the age of 14 years. At age 20, he was fitted with a mechanical pump in his body to keep the blood flowing around the body.

Not only that, Hall got the bad news in May 2015. The doctor said his heart pump cable infected, and he would need a new heart within two days or else he will die, according to the South West News Service reported the story of a man whose life was saved because of the technology Heart in Box.

Fortunately, Hall getting a lucky break when he was found to have a heart donor. The heart of a patient who had died successfully revived for Hall. Experts use a method called “Heart in Box” that make the heart still beating despite organ is outside the donor’s body.

Here’s a chronological treatment for men sentenced to die tomorrow, but his life was saved thanks to technology Heart in Box.

First, the doctor gave a warm blood into the donated heart. Blood is heated to reduce tissue damage and oxygen using a gas exchanger right up until the time of the transplant is done to his body. This method can keep the heart alive for up to eight hours.

Hall underwent the procedure at the beginning of this summer. He returned home with his wife, Danyelle, and their son, Hayden.

“The fact that they can keep the heart alive in the box is the difference between life and death for me. I just woke up and felt myself much better than I ever had. It has made a big difference,” said Hall to the South West News Service.

Technology “Heart in Box” was designed by Transmedics, a medical technology company based in Andover, Massachusetts, United States.

The company also makes a similar product for liver and lungs transplantation technology. “Heart in Box” is believed to improve the success of transplantation process up to 33 percent.


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