Because Phobia with Own Feces, This Girl Died of a Heart Attack

phobia feces heart attack

Kind of strange phobias suffered by a 16-year-old girl from the city of Cornwall, England, has killed herself two years ago. Her name is Emily Titterington were diagnosed to have a deep fear against the stool that came from her own stomach. As a result of the phobia, she even had a habit of not spending feces through the process of defecation. As a result going badly, her intestines in condition to swell and eventually died of a heart attack.

Emily is also known as the girl with autism. She had been afraid to go to the bathroom. Before her death, Emily turns out to hold back bowel movements for two months. She died on February 8, 2013. Paramedics who came to Emily failed to save her. The medical team at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truto finally gave a statement that Emily had died.

Quoted from page Okezone, on the night of Emily’s death, a paramedic named Lee Taylor had checked it twice. According to him, her face pale at that time. The pain experienced by her in between her shoulder blades. It’s just, Emily doesn’t want when taken to the hospital. She wanted to wear loose clothing so as not to be too feel abdominal pain. At 4 am local time, a team of paramedics comes again. However, Emily was not helped and died.

“Before she was buried, we did a visum. The result is the digestive organs, and the heart of the girl is already a mess and certainly not functioning properly,” said pathologist Dr. Amanda Jeffery.


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