Headache Accompanied by Stiff Neck? Maybe It’s a Symptom of TTH

headache stiff neck TTH

Do not underestimate the pain in the head accompanied by stiffness in the neck. The reason could be many things. But that should be observed that the symptoms are also a sign of serious illness in the body. If you experience without knowing the trigger, then it’s good to see a doctor. On minor complaints, people who often work at the computer can experience it.

However, if the trigger is a serious disease, may be a person exposed to the primary tension-type headache (TTH). In patients with TTH, perceived headache is accompanied by symptoms of neck stiffness, pain locations in all parts of the head, there is the sensation of head bound, until nausea.

Quoted from page Okezone, this disease has nothing to do with neurological disorders or symptoms of neurological disorders. Nature can be acute and chronic. If it was acute, the headaches experienced by less than 15 days. If it is more than that time period, the TTH has entered the chronic stage.

Is not yet known the exact cause of TTH. Estimates are growing that TTH probably related to the neural activation of the area of the head and neck due to muscle contraction. The sufferer more found aged 40-49 years and male gender are more often the victims. Patients who experience it often feel recurring symptoms. TTH patients get complaints at least once a month.

TTH occurrence can be prevented. Avoiding tobacco, alcohol, and stress is some how. TTH patients are often prescribed anti-pain medications that can be obtained free limited in pharmacies. When TTH turn into very serious, it is possible patients experiencing high fever, seizures, until a very piercing pain.

Other causes of a headache with a stiff neck is a sprain, neck cord injury, nerve injury, until the infection such as meningitis. If these symptoms appear it is better to consult a doctor. Perhaps you would be advised to taking x-rays of the head and neck for the sake of proper diagnosis.


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