3 Tips to Not Infected Elephantiasis Disease

elephantiasis disease tips

Cases of elephantiasis disease in Indonesia is still a lot going on, with the number of people with chronic reached 14,932 people, according to data from the Ministry of Health recorded until July 2014 last month. Meanwhile, 100 million more citizens have a great risk of contracting this infectious diseases when knowledge about how to avoid it is not socialized.

A disease that causes leg swelling is triggered by an infection from filarial worms through mosquito bites media. To avoid infection, there are some things you can do before. Here are 3 ways to avoid the elephantiasis disease =

  1. Preventive medicine.
    In areas with high endemic elephantiasis disease, the Ministry of Health has provided preventive medicine mass consisting of DEC (Diethil Calbanasin Citrate) and Albendazole. The drug was taken 1 times a year, serves to kill the adult filarial worms that live in the stomach.
  2. Avoid the mosquitoes.
    Another way is to prevent mosquito bites that carry the worm seeds. As much as possible to avoid by using a mosquito net, wear insect repellent, ointment, or put gauze on windows and doors.
  3. Eradicate mosquito breeding.
    The mosquito breeding sites should be eradicated completely by cleaning the home environment, stockpiling junk, do not let stagnant water, and wear closed trash.

Elephantiasis is a terrible disease and can interfere with activities, but can be prevented and eradicated with some of the tips above. Good luck.


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