Tips Corrective Makeup for Big Eyes

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make up big eyes

The owner of the eyes with a size too big now can perform optimally with corrective makeup tips for big eyes here. The main key of the corrective makeup for big eyes is eyeshadow applied with natural colors, such as gray, nude or mocha. Avoid applying smokey eyes makeup style that gives the impression of eyes look bigger and as well as applying eyeshadow in bright colors like pink, purple, or yellow. Here are 8 steps you should do =

  • Step 1.
    Flatten the base eyeshadow on both parts of the eyelid, then blend shades of brown eyeshadow right in the petals.
  • Step 2.
    Add the shape of the corners of the eye with dark brown eyeshadow.
  • Step 3.
    The shape of the eye with liquid eyeliner on the top.
  • Step 4.
    So that the eye can be more shine, add eyeliner under the eye.
  • Step 5.
    Greed blush-on with rose-pink color to give a natural freshness.
  • Step 6.
    In order for the shape of the eye is not too big, give the illusion at the end of the outer eye with eyeliner, drag towards the top.
  • Step 7.
    Finish off with a soft pink color of lipstick that can improve your makeup in instantly.
  • Step 8.
    A side hairdo, twisted, clamped and give accent braid to boost the excellent appearance.
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