Dangers of Playing Gadgets While Eating, Need to Know!

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Some say that when eating should not be talking. The statement is true because at the dinner table silence is golden. However, there is more danger of talking while eating, which is playing a mobile phone. Because the dangers of playing gadgets while eating can make us ‘dead.’

Playing gadgets while at the dinner table may seem harmless, especially if someone else is doing it. However, a new study by the Pew Research Center revealed, it turns out most of us also do that.

The study describes the dangers of playing gadgets while eating makes a ‘dead.’ Dead here not die, but death or deadlock in the talks, the atmosphere, the eating activity disrupted, because the focus is diverted to the phone.

The study analyzed 3,127 adults to weigh whether they approve or not the use of gadgets in various public places in some places began to be widely accepted, such as when waiting in line (74 percent) and ride public transportation (75 percent).

As many as 88 percents of respondents felt playing gadgets at the dinner table is generally not a cool thing to do. However, 89 percent of users admitted to using their mobile gadgets in one way or another as their latest social gathering (dinner or vice versa).

The gadget is used most often to do something related to a group such as posting a photo or video, gain useful information, or connect with friends. 30 percent of users admitted even dive into their mobile phone as an escape from the group, which may be largely conservative.

So, most of us find the use of the gadget continuously is sickening, but on the other hand, sometimes we do the same thing.


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