Dangers of Too Much Eating Beef and Mutton

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The abundance of mutton and beef on Eid al-Adha can lead to excessive consumption of meat during the next few days. The variety of dishes that are made from red meat will feel pity if not spent. But apparently, there are dangers that lurk if too much intake of red meat you consume. Not to mention a variety of other dishes typical of Eid, which is also tempting to be consumed.

The dangers that exist on the health of the body that disturbed by the emergence of some diseases. Ideally, the safe limit to eat red meat per day only 3 ounces, a little more does not matter. It was said by dr. Amelia Nina Gunawan, as reported by the Merdeka page.

“For patients with hypertension, it is recommended that red meat consumption does not exceed 3 ounces for each portion and does not exceed 2 servings per day,” dr. Nina explained.

The high content of saturated fat in red meat can lead to increased risk of heart and blood vessel disorders. In contrast to poultry or other vegetable protein sources are relatively low saturated fat, so it is safe for consumption.

In addition, the risk of type 2 diabetes is also overshadowing your health if you eat red meat. Similarly, Alzheimer’s, a disease that often affects the elderly man. So indeed limit the consumption of beef and mutton will make the body become safer and healthier.


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