6 Delicious Food That Can Make Heart Disease

delicious food heart disease

Human heart did have food if we eat will make the cells of the heart becomes blocked and eventually pain. Caused maintain a healthy heart is essential if you want to live healthier longer, then you should know the type of food, and as much as possible away from it.

Why? Because there is a high sodium content in it. Also calories and saturated fat or the fat we call evil that can lead to blockage of blood vessels. Written by LiveScience page, here are some foods that are hated by the human heart for you to know =

  1. French fries.
    French fries consumed much when you walk in the mall or amusement park. It is also typical food from fast food restaurants are often ordered by children and adults. Savory and delicious it is when eaten as a snack. But this is bad fat-rich foods, lots of sodium, and hated by heart.
  2. Sausage.
    Various variants of sausage are meat processed foods that have been given a variety of spices including once with sodium and rich in saturated fats. Eating sausages too much can lead to heart failure, and bad for heart health, you know.
  3. Red meat.
    This delicious food is rich in cholesterol and trans fats that can make the heart work harder to pump blood if arteries have narrowed. Reducing meat consumption is recommended by doctors, and preferably replace them with fish.
  4. Potato chips and popcorn.
    It seems harmless, but it had a snack that is high in carbohydrates, terrible trans fats, and also sodium.
  5. Soft drink.
    Average soft drinks contain a lot of sugar, chemicals such as preservatives, flavorings, colorings, and others. Oh no, your heart would not like such things.
  6. Canned food.
    Various canned foods rich in sodium or salt can cause blood vessels become stiff, and increased blood pressure. Just stay away from now, because it can make your heart work harder.

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