How to Give First Aid to People Affected by Stroke Attack

first aid stroke attack

A stroke can happen anywhere and anytime. As long as the risk factor is already sufficient for the onset of an attack, then one cannot avoid it. Early signs of stroke can be easily recognized. For example, half the body suddenly paralyzed, one eye’s view becomes dark or blurry, numbing and tingling in the limbs are attacked, confusion, it’s hard to say the word and lisp.

If the signs are already visible in a person, that person should be immediately taken to hospital for further treatment. Meanwhile while preparing to the hospital, the following first aid to do =

  • Lay the body of patient.
    When the signs of a stroke appear, immediately lay the patient’s body. Position the head propped up by pillows with a slope of about 30 degrees. Lay like this will help people to get the blood flow more smoothly.
  • Make sure the patient breathing smoothly.
    After that, loosen their pants or clothing so that the patient can breathe more easily. If the patient is female, also loosen the bra she wore.
  • Perform blood pressure measurement.
    Usually, a stroke appears when the blood pressure rises. So do check blood pressure with tension meter when the attack occurred and report on medical personnel upon arrival at the hospital, even if the blood pressure will be checked again.
  • If possible, attach the oxygen in the patient’s nose.
    Oxygen device will help patients more smoothly in breathing. If no, immediately go to the hospital.

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