Not Just Carrots, These 5 Other Foods for Eye Health

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foods for eye health

When you think about the health of the eye, so that comes first is the carrot, is not it? An orange vegetable that if the cut has a similar shape of the eyeball is indeed known to contain vitamin A, a nutrient that is very good for eye health.

But not only carrots actually, because there are some other foods that can be consumed to avoid eye disorders such as myopia, dry eye, cataracts, and even decreased vision.

Here are other foods for eye health as reported by Boldsky page =

  1. Green vegetables.
    Various types of green leafy vegetables are a good source of nutrients for the eye. Vegetables generally contain lutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidants that can reduce the risk of cataracts.
  2. Egg.
    In addition to a source of protein, eggs also contain antioxidant type lutein zeaxanthin, also zinc. Everything is useful to nourish the senses of your vision.
  3. Corn.
    This carbohydrate source also has good benefits for the eyes. By steaming in a long time, then the content of lutein in corn will increase.
  4. Orange.
    Various types of oranges are a source of vitamin C which is also required by the network layer of the eye to remain healthy.
  5. Almond nut.
    Almonds contain lots of vitamin E, which will serve to maintain healthy organs and tissues of the eyes to stay healthy and not easily damaged.

Eating a variety of foods at the top would not only make your eyes healthy, but the overall body will be protected from the disease.


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