Adverse Effects of Excessive Eating Tomatoes

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excessive eating tomatoes

Tomato is a fruit that contains a lot of nutrients and benefits to the body. Although it is recommended to consume, but when excessive eating tomatoes will give a bad effect on health.

Benefits of tomatoes which have been widely known by the public are to lower the risk of cancer, create a healthier heart, lower cholesterol, aid in detoxification, and good for the health of the skin and eyes.

Back to the bad effects if excessive eating tomatoes, despite the many benefits that are stored by the tomato, is not wise also eat red fruit that is more than 5 pieces a day. If you of little faith, then consider the review of Boldsky pages related bad effects of excessive eating tomatoes as follows =

Stomach acid rise.

According to health experts, the tomato has a high content of acids so that when excessive consumption would lead to increased levels of acid in the stomach. For patients with heartburn, it is definitely not good because it triggers a recurrence of their illness. The gastroesophageal condition will also appear in the stomach.

Stomach ache.

Digestive problems such as abdominal pain, bloating, and the like can happen when you eat too many tomatoes.

The body’s immune decline.

A carotenoid pigment called lycopene in tomatoes is good for the body if consumed in the quantities required. But if excessive then the immunity or the immune system will actually decline and reduced.

It is also advisable to get rid of the seeds of tomatoes while going to eat because of the tomato seeds are difficult to digest. Well, it makes sense, does not it? So do not eat excessive amounts in order to obtain maximum benefits.


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