5 Characteristics of Heart Health Problems

characteristics heart health problems

Heart health is an important thing to be maintained, let alone the number of deaths triggered by cardiovascular disease is the largest in the world, compared to other diseases. Recognize the early signs that the heart is in trouble should also be known, to anticipate the treatment as early as possible.

The following 5 characteristics that often felt if heart health is being compromised, as reported by Livestrongdotcom page =

  1. Snoring.
    If the habit of sleep snoring is already often the case, then you should start to take care of a heart condition. Snoring is a sign that there is a constriction in the chest cavity and respiratory tract so that during sleep, you could hardly breathe with the nose.
  2. Swollen gums.
    If your gums were swollen, and bleeding sudden, then it’s good you’re suspicious. Especially when your gums or teeth earlier is fine. See a doctor will be more secure and calm.
  3. Irregular heart beats.
    If suddenly you feel strange with the rhythm of the heartbeat, feels slow or become faster without cause, then watch out for these symptoms. Because one of the characteristics troubled heart is irregular heart beats.
  4. Left chest pain.
    Indeed, not all the pain in the left chest is a sign of heart problems. When the pain is accompanied by pain in the upper shoulder area, it is one of the characteristics of heart were troubled.
  5. Hard to breathe.
    Chest when suddenly become congested, and breathing was difficult when you do not have asthma, it could be a symptom of heart were troubled.

Change your diet to be healthier, stay away from the unhealthy lifestyle, and consult a doctor so that your heart health can be immediately addressed the problem.


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