Diabetics More at Risk of Getting Heart Disease and Stroke

diabetics risk heart disease stroke

A study in the United Kingdom found people who have diabetes disease are more likely also to have the risk of having a heart attack. 50 percent increase in risk compared with people who do not have diabetes. In addition, people with diabetes also have an increased risk for having a stroke and angina. According to published reports by the National Diabetes Audit in the United Kingdom.

In the study, there were 14,599 diabetic patients in the United Kingdom, and Wales also suffered a heart attack. Data taken from 2010 to 2011 with more than 4,700 cases were found. As quoted by The Hindu site, 48 percent of people with diabetes disease are known to have a heart attack. About 65 percent have health problems in the heart.

Meanwhile, during 2010-2011 also found about 17,900 people with diabetes who also had a stroke. There are 9,800 patients with diabetes need a kidney transplant. And, up to 1,700 requires a major amputation. Diabetics also possible to have a higher risk of death with no sign of it.

Judging from the type of diabetes, people with type 1 diabetes have a 10 percent higher risk of experiencing additional health problems. While in patients with type 2 diabetes, the risk of other health problems is higher, reaching 36 percent.

“We expect all people with diabetes to check for cholesterol, blood pressure and blood glucose once a year and this became the beginning of a process that supports a person in order to achieve a healthy level,” said Barbara Young, Chief Executive of Charity Diabetes United Kingdom.


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