Hemorrhoids Pain Can Be Reduced by Soaking the Buttocks

hemorrhoids soaking buttocks

Hemorrhoids that attack anus certainly very excruciating. When the veins of the anus become inflamed, the pain was unbearable. In blood condition can even cause bleeding. When hemorrhoids are inflamed, it’s good to reduce muscle tension in the area immediately. One way is to soak your ass into the warm water. Simply prepare a bucket of warm water, and put your ass into it.

The function of this warm water to give a sense of relaxation to the muscles in the anus. Thus, the swelling is reduced which leads to decrease in pain. In addition, you should also add antiseptic liquid in the warm water, in order to create also more hygienic conditions in the anus.

“Dripped with an antiseptic solution, soak for 15-30 minutes. Using an antiseptic to clean the germs around the anus,” said Dr. Panondang Panggabean Spb, as quoted by Detik Health.

In order to effectively shrinking swelling, soaking buttocks which have hemorrhoids should be done twice a day in the morning and before bed at night. For hemorrhoids with degrees 1 and 2 state that allows discharge of blood vessels from the anal canal, in this way can make it go back. However, it should be understood, this immersion therapy effect is only temporary.

“It’s only temporary, but it helps to relieve the pain. But if it is severe then needed to have surgery,” said Dr. Panondang.


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