4 Herbal Remedies to Treat Herpes Disease

herbal remedies herpes

Herpes can be experienced by anyone as a result of the presence of herpes simplex virus infection. Usually, the location of the body which has an infection is in part around the mouth, eyes, or genitals. Depending on the type of virus that infects you.

The skin will blister, swollen and red accompanied by excruciating itching. Because it is caused by a virus, the disease is contagious. The transmission can be directly i.e. through physical contact with sufferers. Or indirectly through personal items of herpes sufferers such as towels, clothing, and more.

Fortunately, there are some natural herbal remedies that you can use =

  1. Tea tree oil.
    Apply a drop of tea tree oil to cope with herpes, on the infected skin. Rub evenly before you sleep, or during breaks during the day. This oil is also effective even used for all types of herpes.
  2. Ice cube.
    Ice cubes can help reduce the burning sensation and itching that often occurs if you have herpes. Place in a plastic bag a few ice cubes, then tie and apply on the skin surface. It can also reduce swelling and blisters on your skin.
  3. Honey.
    Honey can you use for the treatment, with drinking honey then your endurance increases. Can also be used for external medicine, by applying honey on the surface of the skin that affected by herpes. Both have benefits for the treatment of herpes.
  4. Black tea.
    Black tea has a good anti-virus and anti-inflammatory that can be used for herpes. You can apply the black tea around the surface of the skin, and also drink this tea regularly.

It took a long time to heal scars in the skin completely. But with regular maintenance, you can recover. Good luck.


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