The Signs of a Woman Said to Be Fertile

signs woman fertile

Sign of female fertility can be seen from the condition of their monthly routine. If a man is often seen fertility through sperm condition, then the woman’s fertility signs visible from the menstrual period. Women who menstruate regularly in a certain period of time there is the possibility of having healthy egg cells and ready to be fertilized.

“The woman said to be fertile usually refers from regular menstruation. Regular menstrual between 21-35 days means indicates approximately 95% of ovulation every cycle,” said Dr. Hari Nugroho SpOG as quoted from CNN Health.

In addition, another sign of female fertility is a function of the cervix and ovaries in good condition. Fertile women do not get stuck in the cervix, making it easier for egg cells dropped from the ovary.

Another thing with the results of a study conducted in Poland in 2004 by Jasienska. When comparing the size of the breast and pelvis, the results showed that women who have large breasts also have more E2 hormone.

The more content of this hormone in women, it increases the size foliker and thicker endometrium so that implantation takes place the better. The presence of the hormone is also associated with better blood flow to the uterus and other things that lead to successful pregnancy.

“So it is true, the size of the breast that makes men physically attracted directly related to levels of fertility hormones (E2) that higher. In this study, 37% higher,” said Dr. Hari.


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