Causes of Appendicitis and Possible Complications

appendicitis causes complications

Appendicitis is a disease which indicates inflammation in the appendix. Located attached to the large intestine and forms such as a finger. When the appendix is infected with the bacteria, then become inflamed and swollen. The solution, most advisable to do the surgical removal of the organ.

The cause of appendicitis has not been established until now. However, the entry of germs like viruses, bacteria, and fungi sometimes perform deployment to in the appendix. The germs then do infection and inflammation arises that the pain was not unbearable.

Several types of bacteria that can cause appendicitis are bacteroides, adenovirus, salmonella, shigella, measles, until mucormycosis fungal and histoplasmosis infection. But the cause is not only limited to these germs.

Appendicitis requires immediate treatment. Delay in treatment may result in the emergence of complications of the disease. When the pressure in the appendix increases, the levels of blood that passes through the wall of the appendix will decrease. This can lead to blood deficiency effects and can lead to death.

Therefore, the handling of appendicitis is an emergency. Especially if the intestine to rupture, infection in the abdominal cavity become heavier. Patients may experience a blood infection called sepsis that causing fatality risk. Surgical removal of the appendix is necessary so that the infection is not to end up with complications and death.

Appendicitis can be prevented by maintaining a healthy diet. Foods rich in fiber is recommended that the process of defecation take place normally. Contamination of air pollution and likes to eat western-style foods known to trigger this disease.


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