6 Wonders of the Human Body

human body wonders

God created the human body with a very unusual. In fact, the body system does not stop working for 24 hours. Did you know? The body also has a range of its uniqueness itself through various internal organs that are owned.

Quoted from Genius Beauty, here are some of the magic that is owned by the human body =

  1. In the morning, the human body is higher than at night. You must prove yourself. The body will extend about 1.2 centimeters in the morning and seemed to shrink back at nightfall. It occurs due to the accumulation of excess fluid in the spinal discs. When noon to night, the liquid evaporates so as height is reduced compared to the morning.
  2. Unique pattern of the human tongue. Each tongue has its own pattern like a fingerprint. Geometric shape and texture of the tongue are never repeated. If will be used for identification such as a fingerprint is very possible.
  3. Membrane in the stomach renewable every three days. The slimy coating protects the stomach wall from the strong stomach acid. The mucus is alkaline, so it will neutralize the acid reaction in the stomach. If the cell membrane is not updated regularly, the stomach may not withstand the power of stomach acid.
  4. Heart always renewable 3-4 times throughout life. According to a study from the Medical College of New York, the heart has cells that help regenerate every 20 years. Heart would be strong again.
  5. The appendix contains “good” bacteria. These bacteria help smooth the digestive system. When the appendix is removed because of infection, body allows it to grow back like a lizard’s tail.
  6. Eyelash full with mites. Mites are mini creatures that occupy the dead skin cells or layers of facial oil. Even so, the mites are not harmful to health.
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